III. Definitions

  1. Actigraphy
    1. Accelerometer monitors patients overnight movement
    2. Calculates actual patient sleep time
    3. Calculates limb movements over time

IV. Technique

  1. Patient wears a sensor on their wrist or ankle overnight for days to weeks
  2. Device measures frequency and degree of limb movements over time

V. Interpretation

  1. Sleep Phases
  2. Sleep Latency
  3. Sleep Duration
  4. Sleep Patterns
  5. Sleep Efficiency (see Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia)

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Ontology: Actigraphy (C1171301)

Definition (MSH) The measurement and recording of MOTOR ACTIVITY to assess rest/activity cycles.
Definition (CSP) measurement of physical activity; can attach device to body to record activity (actigraph watch).
Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060)
MSH D056044
English actigraphy, actigraphy (procedure), Actigraphy
French Actigraphie, Actimétrie
German Aktigrafie, Aktigraphie
Italian Attigrafia
Portuguese Actigrafia
Spanish Actigrafía
Czech aktigrafie
Swedish Aktigrafi
Polish Aktografia
Norwegian Aktigrafi