II. Classification: Axis I - Psychiatric illness

III. Classification: Axis II - Chronic Developmental Disorders and Personality Disorders

IV. Classification: Axis III - Physical conditions

  1. Conditions contributing to the Axis I and Axis II condition development, continuation or exacerbation

V. Classification: Axis IV - Psychosocial stressors

  1. Stressors and events that impact the Axis I and Axis II conditions
  2. Rated on a scale of 1 to 6

VI. Classification: Axis V - Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF)

  1. Patient's level of function (score of 0-100)
    1. Score both current and highest level within the past year
  2. Score 91-100
    1. Higher level functioning in broad range of activities with good and control of typical life stressors
  3. Score 81-90
    1. Other than mild psychiatric symptoms for common triggers, good level of functioning
  4. Score 71-80
    1. Mild psychiatric symptoms with triggers and mild impact on functioning
  5. Score 61-70
    1. Mild psychiatric symptoms with impact on functioning, but overall functioning is good and relationships are maintained
  6. Score 51-60
    1. Moderate psychiatric symptoms with moderate impact on functioning
  7. Score 41-50
    1. Serious symptoms and impaired functioning
  8. Score 31-40
    1. Impaired reality and major Impairment
  9. Score 21-30
    1. Delusions, Hallucinations, or serious Impairment
  10. Score 11-20
    1. Danger to self or others
  11. Score 1-10
    1. Persistent danger to self or others

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