II. Definitions

  1. Current definition
    1. Two or more deficits in adaptive behaviors
  2. Old definition
    1. IQ <70

III. Comorbid Conditions: Physical

  1. Poor dental hygiene (recommend regular dental care)
  2. Skin Breakdown
    1. Observe perineum and decubitus areas
  3. Sleep Apnea
  4. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
    1. Associated with PEG or tracheotomy sites
  5. Aspiration
    1. Consider checking Pulse Oximetry with feedings
    2. Consider speech pathology evaluation
  6. Gastroesophageal Reflux disease
  7. Constipation and Fecal Impaction
    1. Maintain bowel regimen to prevent Constipation
  8. Pelvic Pain in women
    1. Control Dysmenorrhea (signalled by behavior change)
    2. Consider STD or pregnancy
  9. Seizures
    1. Differentiate from extrapyramidal drug effects
  10. Neuromuscular Scoliosis, Contractures, Spasticity
    1. Consult with orthopedics and physical therapy
  11. Osteoporosis

IV. Comorbid Conditions: Behavioral

  1. General
    1. May be due to stress, pain, anger, fear...
    2. Carefully evaluate for cause
    3. Benzodiazepines may exacerbate in 10% of cases
  2. Sexually offending behavior
  3. Self-injury (e.g. head-banging)
  4. Aggressive behavior
  5. Insomnia or other sleep problems
  6. Hyperactivity
  7. Repetitive behaviors

V. General Measures to Assist Appointment

  1. Person well known to patient should accompany them
  2. Brief social visits can desensitize patient to office
  3. Talk the patient through examination
  4. Engage the patient in decision making
  5. Consider Ativan 2 mg taken 2 hours before appointment

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Ontology: Mental Retardation (C0025362)

Definition (NCI) A developmental disorder characterized by less than average intelligence and significant limitations in adaptive behavior with onset before the age of 18.
Definition (PSY) Impaired intellectual (IQ below 70) and adaptive functioning manifested during the developmental period. Use a more specific term if possible. Use for both the concept of the disorder itself and for populations of mentally retarded persons.
Definition (CSP) subnormal intellectual functioning which originates during the developmental period; multiple potential etiologies, including genetic defects and perinatal insults; intelligence quotient (IQ) scores are commonly used to determine whether an individual is mentally retarded; IQ scores between 70 and 79 are in the borderline mentally retarded range and scores below 67 are in the retarded range.
Concepts Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction (T048)
MSH D008607
ICD10 F79 , F70-F79.9
SnomedCT 192157003, 154979000, 154978008, 268732001, 192557008, 91138005, 1855002
LNC LP75918-0, LA16995-5
English Mental Retardation, MENTAL RETARDATION, Retardation, Mental, Mental retardation NOS, [X]Unspecif mental retardation, [X]Unspecified mental retardation, Unspecif mental retardation, mental retardation diagnosis, Retardation mental, Unspecified mental retardation, mental retardation, Deficiency;mental, mental retardations, Retardation;mental, Mental retardations, Mental retardation NOS (disorder), [X]Unspecified mental retardation (disorder), Mental retardation, MR - Mental retardation, Mental retardation (disorder), Mental retardation, NOS, Retardation (Mental)
Italian Ritardi mentali, Ritardo mentale non specificato, Disabilità intellettiva, Ritardo mentale
Swedish Psykisk utvecklingsstörning
Czech duševně postižení, mentální retardace, Blíže neurčená mentální retardace, Mentální retardace, Retardace mentální, intelektuální neschopnost
Finnish Älyllinen kehitysvammaisuus
Spanish Retardo mental, Retrasado mental, Retraso mental no especificado, Retraso Mental, [X]retraso mental no especificado (trastorno), retraso mental, SAI, Mental retardation NOS, retraso mental, SAI (trastorno), [X]retraso mental no especificado, retardo mental (trastorno), retardo mental, retraso mental, Retraso mental
French Retardation mentale, Retardation mentale non précisée, Retard mental, Incapacité intellectuelle, Arriérations mentales, Oligophrénie, Arriération mentale, Retards mentaux
Dutch retardatie mentaal, zwakzinnigheid , niet-gespecificeerd, mentale retardatie, Mentale retardatie, geestelijke retardaties, Niet gespecificeerde zwakzinnigheid
German unspezifische geistige Behinderung, geistige Retardierung, Behinderung geistig, Nicht naeher bezeichnete Intelligenzminderung, Schwachsinn, Geistige Retardierung, Retardierung, geistige, Geistig verzögerte Entwicklung
Portuguese Atraso de desenvolvimento mental, Atraso mental NE, Atraso mental, Retardamento Mental, Deficiência Intelectual, Retardo Mental, Atrasos mentais
Japanese セイシンチタイ, ショウサイフメイノセイシンチタイ, 詳細不明の精神遅滞, 精神薄弱, 精神的障害, 精神発達遅滞-心理社会的, 知能遅延, 白痴, 心理社会的精神発達遅滞, 精神薄弱-心理・社会的, 知的障害, 知恵遅れ, 社会心理的精神発達遅滞, 心理社会的精神薄弱, 精神薄弱-心理社会的, 精神遅滞, 精神発達遅滞, 社会心理的精神薄弱
Korean 상세불명의 정신 발육지연
Polish Opóźnienie umysłowe, Idiotyzm, Niedorozwój umysłowy, Niesprawność intelektualna
Hungarian Mentalis retardatio, Mentális retardációk, Mentális retardatio, Nem meghatározott mentalis retardatio
Norwegian Psykisk utviklingshemming, Mental retardasjon, Utviklingshemming