II. Pathophysiology

  1. Congenital Hypothyroidism

III. Causes

  1. Enzymatic defect
  2. Idodine deficiency

IV. Findings: Birth

  1. Findings are typically absent at birth and the first week of life
  2. Severe Congenital Hypothyroidism may be associated with nonspecific findings
    1. Poor feeding
    2. Excessive Sleepiness
    3. Weak Cry
    4. Constipation
    5. Prolonged Neonatal Jaundice

V. Findings: Late

  1. Dwarfism
  2. Yellow dry thick skin
  3. Overweight
  4. Thick lips and Tongue
  5. Short hands with thick fingers
  6. Delayed deciduous Dentition
  7. Intellectual Disability with decreased IQ
  8. Delayed Sexual Development
  9. Slow Movement

VI. Labs

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