II. Indications

  1. Hypersomnolence self-assessment

III. Scale

  1. Each question answered with 0 (no chance of dozing off) to 3 (high chance of dozing off)

IV. Questions: Using scale above, each activity assigned a rating of 0 to 3 of Tiredness

  1. Sitting and reading
  2. Watching television
  3. Sitting inactive in a public place (e.g. in a meeting)
  4. Car passenger for 1 hour without a break
  5. Lying down in the afternoon
  6. Sitting and talking with someone
  7. Sitting quietly after lunch (no Alcohol)
  8. Driving and stopped for a few minutes in traffic

V. Interpretation: Total Score (0 to 24)

  1. Findings: Minimal Sleepiness
    1. Normal: <8
    2. Mild Sleepiness: 8-11
  2. Findings: Significant Daytime Sleepiness requiring further evaluation
    1. Moderate Sleepiness: 12-15
    2. Severe Sleepiness: 16-24

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