II. Indications: Eating Disorder Screening

III. Questions (Mnemonic: SCOFF)

  1. Make yourself SICK when you feel uncomfortably full?
  2. Worry you have lost CONTROL over how much you eat?
  3. Recently lost more than 14 pounds within three months?
    1. ONE stone's worth of weight
  4. Believe you are FAT when others say you are too thin?
  5. Would you say that FOOD dominates your life?

IV. Interpretation

  1. Score one point for each question answered 'yes' above
  2. Two or more points suggests Eating Disorder

V. Efficacy (based on small trial - requires confirmation)

  1. Sensitivity: 100%
  2. Specificity: 87.5% (12.5% False Positives)

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