II. Indications

  1. Screening for co-morbid depression in patients with Dementia

III. Definition

  1. Provider completed scale composed of 19 questions within 5 categories
    1. Mood related signs (e.g. Anxiety, sadness, flat affect, irritability)
    2. Behavioral disturbance (e.g. Agitation, slowed speech or movement)
    3. Physical Signs (appetite, weight loss, low energy)
    4. Cyclic functions (e.g. worse mood in morning, Insomnia)
    5. Ideational disturbance (e.g. Suicidality, self-esteem, pessimism)
  2. Each question is assigned a 3 point score
    1. Score 0: Unable to evaluate or absent
    2. Score 1: Mild or Intermittent
    3. Score 2: Severe

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