II. Type: Manic Delirium: 5

  1. Altered Consciousness
  2. Hallucinations, incoherent, or Disorganized Speech
  3. Disoriented

III. Type: Manic Out of Control: 4

  1. Crying, Unreasonable, Screaming
  2. Flight of ideas
  3. Grandiose Delusions
  4. Hallucinations
  5. Swearing, threatening or Lashing out
  6. No Need of sleep

IV. Type: Overactive, Disinhibited: 3

  1. Very expansive
  2. Poor concentration, Pressured speech, Grandiose
  3. Quickened pace, Disinhibited, Decreased decorum
  4. Little need for sleep

V. Type: Agitated loud: 2

  1. Elevated mood, Inflated self esteem, Expansive
  2. Apprehensive, Unwarranted optimism, Overconfident
  3. Active, Verbally loud
  4. Less need for sleep

VI. Type: Irritable, Aroused: 1

  1. Short-tempered, Mild mood elevation, Guarded attitude
  2. Distractible, Confident, Optimistic
  3. Guarded body language

VII. Type: Euthymic: 0

  1. Appropriate mood, No suicidal thoughts
  2. Normal speech, Normal thought, Guilt absent
  3. No anxiety
  4. No sleep difficulties, No somatic complaints

VIII. Type: Withdrawn quiet: -1

  1. Mildly depressed, Loss of satisfaction, Feels weak
  2. Slight retardation, Self-reproach, Altered eating
  3. Slightly withdrawn, Slight tension, Fidgety, Irritable
  4. Minor somatic complaints, Fatigued, Restless sleep

IX. Type: Mild Depression: -2

  1. Looks sad
  2. Obvious retardation, Pessimistic
  3. Avoids others, Minimal responses, Worried
  4. Plays with hands or hair
  5. Frequency somatic complaints

X. Type: Moderate Depression: -3

  1. Apprehensive, Hopeless, Suicide plan
  2. Poor concentration, Obsessive guilt
  3. Isolates self, Lethargic, Non-functional
  4. Somatic preoccupation, Major sleep difficulty

XI. Type: Severe Depression: -4

  1. Extremely hopeless, Serious Suicide attempt
  2. Delusional guilt, Unable to concentrate
  3. No activities, Severe Agitation
  4. Somatic Delusions, Unable to sleep despite medications

XII. Type: Depressive Stupor: -5

  1. Emotional paralysis
  2. Accusatory Hallucinations
  3. Stupor or mute

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