II. Indications

  1. Distinguish forms of Dementia and other cognitive disorders
  2. Pre-surgical evaluation prior to Epilepsy surgery
  3. Pre-surgical evaluation prior to Deep Brain Stimulation to aid in lead placement
  4. Specific cognitive deficit management via behavior management (e.g. memory aids)
  5. Associated cognitive problems secondary to underlying conditions
    1. Sleep Apnea
    2. Multiple Sclerosis
    3. Traumatic Brain Injury
    4. Cerebrovascular Accident
    5. Cancer
    6. Parkinsonism
    7. HIV Encephalopathy
  6. Predict ability to work, drive, perform ADLs
  7. Assign prognosis of cognitive deficit
  8. Evaluate decision making capacity or competence
  9. Identify underlying psychological disorders (.e.g Somatoform Disorder)

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