II. Indication

  1. Dementia Evaluation
  2. Delirium Evaluation

III. Exam: Immediate Memory

  1. See Digit Span Test (digit repetition)
  2. Repeat 3 words
  3. Name the months backwards
  4. Interrupted counting
    1. Patient counts from 1 to 100
    2. Examiner interrupts at 27 and asks patient to wait 1 minute and then restart counting (at 27)
    3. Examiner interrupts at 42 and asks patient to wait 3 minutes and then restart counting (at 42)
  5. Constructional ability
    1. Copy 2 shapes (e.g. a diamond and a 3 dimensional cube)
    2. Clock Drawing Test

IV. Exam: Short Term Memory Testing (Recent memory)

  1. Three word recall at 5 minutes (or Three minute Delay Recall)
    1. Consider clues and prompts
  2. Thirty minute Delay Recall and Past Events
  3. How did you come to the hospital (e.g. car, Ambulance)?

V. Exam: Medium to Long Term Memory Testing (Remote memory)

  1. Name four presidents in the last 100 years?
  2. History of forgetting what is expected to be familiar
    1. Lose things
    2. Leave food cooking on stove
    3. Lost in familiar neighborhoods

VI. Interpretation

  1. Memory Loss or impaired construction ability suggests organic cause

VII. References

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