II. Indications

  1. Dementia Screening
    1. If screening positive, use other tools for Dementia Diagnosis
  2. Delirium Screening
    1. Part of Confusion Assessment Method

III. Background

  1. Three minute Dementia Screening, testing 3 word recall and clock face drawing

IV. Criteria: Questions

  1. Step 1: Patient repeats 3 unrelated words (e.g. ball, dog, television)
  2. Step 2: Patient draws a clock face showing 11:10
    1. See Clock Drawing Test
    2. Correct response is a circle with 2 hands - one on the 11 and the other on the 2
  3. Step 3: Patient recalls the 3 words from step 1. One point for each item remembered correctly

V. Interpretation: Positive Screen

  1. Abnormal Clock Drawing Test and less than 3 items recalled correctly OR
  2. No items recalled correctly

VI. Efficacy

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