II. Physiology

  1. Vision mediated via Retinal innervation

III. Anatomy

IV. Course

  1. Retinal fibers coalesce into the Optic Nerve
  2. Optic Nerves become Optic Tracts at the Optic Chiasm
    1. See Visual Pathway
    2. Left Optic Tract (Comprises Right Visual Field)
      1. Left Lateral and Right Medial Optic Nerves
    3. Right Optic Tract (Comprises Left Visual Field)
      1. Right Lateral and Left Medial Optic Nerves

V. Exam

  1. Visual Acuity
  2. Funduscopic Exam
  3. Visual Field Testing
    1. Screening: Confrontation
    2. Assessment: Perimetry

VI. References

  1. Gilman (1989) Manter and Gatz Essentials of Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology, Davis, p. 87-113
  2. Goldberg (2014) Clinical Neuroanatomy, p. 24-39

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