II. Definitions

  1. Limbic System
    1. Complex interconnected neural pathways in the Diencephalon and brainsterm related to emotion and motivation
    2. Integrates visceral, olfacory and somatic inputs
    3. Structures include
      1. Hippocampus
      2. Amygdala
      3. Epithalamus
      4. Gyrus cinguli
      5. Parahippocampal gyrus
      6. Hypothalamus
      7. Septal Nuclei
      8. Thalamic anterior nuclear group
  2. Septal Nuclei
    1. Grey matter in the septal region of brain inferior to corpus callosum, a part of the Telencephalon and Limbic System
    2. Septal Nuclei include dorsal, lateral, medial, triangular, septofimbrial, diagonal band, anterior commissure, stria terminalis

III. Physiology: Medial Limbic Circuit (Papez Circuit)

  1. Function
    1. Episodic Memory appears to be a core function of the Medial Limbic Circuit (Papez Circuit)
    2. Injury to the pathway is associated with Amnesia, Alzheimer's Disease, Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome
  2. Pathway (in order of signals)
    1. Hippocampal formation
    2. Fornix
    3. Mammillary Bodies
    4. Mammillothalamic Tract
    5. Anterior Thalamic Nucelus
    6. Cingulum
    7. Entorhinal Cortex
    8. Hippocampal formation

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