II. Images

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Drains venous blood from the eye
  2. May act as a conduit for spreading infection intracranially from Orbital Cellulitis, other serious facial infections

IV. Anatomy: Structures within Cavernous Sinus

V. Associated Conditions: Conditions affecting Cavernous Sinus and its contents

VI. References

  1. Goldberg (2014) Clinical Neuroanatomy, Medmaster, p. 6-15
  2. Netter (1997) Atlas Human Anatomy, ICON Learning, p. 98

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Ontology: Structure of cavernous sinus (C0007473)

Definition (MSH) An irregularly shaped venous space in the dura mater at either side of the sphenoid bone.
Concepts Body Space or Junction (T030)
MSH D002426
SnomedCT 18782006
English Cavernous Sinus, Sinus, Cavernous, Sinus cavernosus, sinus cavernous, cavernous sinus, sinus cavernosus, cavernosus sinus, Cavernous sinus, Structure of cavernous sinus (body structure), Structure of cavernous sinus
Swedish Sinus cavernosus
Czech sinus cavernosus
Finnish Lokeroveriviemäri
Polish Zatoka jamista
Spanish estructura de seno cavernoso (estructura corporal), estructura del seno cavernoso (estructura corporal), estructura de seno cavernoso, estructura del seno cavernoso, seno cavernoso, Seno Cavernoso
Norwegian Sinus cavernosus
French Sinus caverneux, Sinus veineux caverneux
German Sinus cavernosus
Italian Seno cavernoso
Dutch Sinus cavernosus
Portuguese Seio Cavernoso