II. Causes

  1. Untreated Acute Thiamine Deficiency (e.g. Alcoholism)
  2. See Acute Thiamine Deficiency for a full list of causes

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Follows Wernicke's Encephalopathy
  2. Lesions develop in mammillary bodies and Thalamus

IV. Signs

  1. Life-long neurologic Impairment with learning difficulties
  2. Severe Short Term Memory loss
  3. Intact Immediate Memory
  4. Confabulation

V. Management

VI. Prognosis

  1. Life-long Impairment
  2. Improvement in 75% of patients with treatment

VII. References

  1. Rendon et al. (2017) Crit Dec Emerg Med 31(6): 15-21

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Ontology: Alcohol Amnestic Disorder (C0001940)

Definition (MSH) A mental disorder associated with chronic ethanol abuse (ALCOHOLISM) and nutritional deficiencies characterized by short term memory loss, confabulations, and disturbances of attention. (Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p1139)
Concepts Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction (T048)
MSH D000425
ICD9 291.1
ICD10 F10.6
SnomedCT 192213005, 191473002, 73097000, 69482004
DSM4 291.1
English Alcohol Amnestic Disorders, Amnestic Disorder, Alcohol, Amnestic Disorders, Alcohol, Alcohol amnestic syndrome, Alcohol-Induced Persisting Amnestic Disorder, Alcohol amnestic syndrome NOS, Amnesic synd due to alcohol, Amnesic syndrome due alcohol, Mental and behav dis due to use alcohol: amnesic syndrome, Mental and behavioral disorders due to use of alcohol: amnesic syndrome, Mental and behavioural disorders due to use of alcohol: amnesic syndrome, [X]Amnesic synd due to alcohol, [X]Mental and behav dis due to use alcohol: amnesic syndrome, [X]Mental and behavioral disorders due to use of alcohol: amnesic syndrome, [X]Mental and behavioural disorders due to use of alcohol: amnesic syndrome, Mental and behavioral disorders due to use of alcohol, amnesic syndrome, Mental and behavioural disorders due to use of alcohol, amnesic syndrome, ALCOHOL AMNESTIC DIS, ALCOHOL IND AMNESTIC SYNDROME, ALCOHOL IND DYSMNESIC SYNDROME, ALCOHOL IND KORSAKOFF SYNDROME, ALCOHOL IND PERSISTING AMNESTIC DIS, AMNESTIC PSYCHOSIS ALCOHOL IND, ALCOHOL IND AMNESTIC PSYCHOSIS, ALCOHOL IND DYSMNESIC PSYCHOSIS, alcohol amnestic disorder, alcohol-induced persisting amnestic disorder (diagnosis), alcoholic Korsakov's psychosis, alcohol-induced persisting amnestic disorder, Korsakov's psychosis, alcohol-induced, [X]Korsakov's psychosis, alcohol-induced, Korsakov's, alcohol-induced, [X]Korsakov's, alcohol-induced, Alcohol Amnestic Disorder, Alcohol Induced Amnestic Psychosis, Alcohol-Induced Amnestic Psychoses, Alcohol-Induced Amnestic Psychosis, Amnestic Psychoses, Alcohol-Induced, Amnestic Psychosis, Alcohol Induced, Amnestic Psychosis, Alcohol-Induced, Psychoses, Alcohol-Induced Amnestic, Psychosis, Alcohol-Induced Amnestic, Alcohol Induced Amnestic Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced Amnestic Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced Amnestic Syndromes, Amnestic Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced, Amnestic Syndromes, Alcohol-Induced, Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced Amnestic, Syndromes, Alcohol-Induced Amnestic, Alcohol Amnestic Syndrome, Alcohol Amnestic Syndromes, Amnestic Syndrome, Alcohol, Amnestic Syndromes, Alcohol, Syndrome, Alcohol Amnestic, Syndromes, Alcohol Amnestic, Alcohol Induced Dysmnesic Psychosis, Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic Psychoses, Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic Psychosis, Dysmnesic Psychoses, Alcohol-Induced, Dysmnesic Psychosis, Alcohol-Induced, Psychoses, Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic, Psychosis, Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic, Alcohol Induced Dysmnesic Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic Syndromes, Dysmnesic Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced, Dysmnesic Syndromes, Alcohol-Induced, Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic, Syndromes, Alcohol-Induced Dysmnesic, Alcohol Induced Korsakoff Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced Korsakoff Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced Korsakoff Syndromes, Korsakoff Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced, Korsakoff Syndromes, Alcohol-Induced, Syndrome, Alcohol-Induced Korsakoff, Syndromes, Alcohol-Induced Korsakoff, Alcoholic Korsakoff Syndrome, Korsakoff Syndrome, Alcoholic, Syndrome, Alcoholic Korsakoff, Alcohol amnestic disordr, Alcohol Amnestic Disorder [Disease/Finding], alcoholic Korsakoff's syndrome, Korsakoffs psychosis;alcoholic, alcohol amnestic syndrome, alcoholic korsakoff syndrome, Alcohol Induced Persisting Amnestic Disorder, Alcoholic Korsakoff Syndromes, Korsakoff Syndromes, Alcoholic, Syndromes, Alcoholic Korsakoff, Korsakoff's psychosis (alcoholic), Korsakov's psychosis, alcoholic, Korsakoff's psychosis alcoholic, Alcohol amnestic syndrome NOS (disorder), [X]Mental and behavioral disorders due to use of alcohol: amnesic syndrome (disorder), Alcohol amnestic disorder, Alcoholic amnestic syndrome, Amnesic syndrome due to alcohol, Korsakov alcoholic psychosis, Korsakov syndrome - alcoholic, Alcohol-induced persisting amnestic disorder, Alcohol amnestic disorder (disorder), Korsakov; alcoholism, alcohol; amnestic syndrome, alcoholism; Korsakov, psychosis; Korsakov, alcohol, psychosis; alcoholic, Korsakov, psychosis; alcoholic, polyneuritic, amnestic; syndrome, alcohol-induced, syndrome; amnestic, alcohol-induced, syndrome; amnestic, alcohol, Alcoholic Korsakoff's Psychosis, Korsakoffs alcoholic psychosis
Dutch amnestisch syndroom door alcohol, Korsakoff-psychose alcoholisch, alcoholische Korsakoff-psychose, Korsakoffs psychose (alcoholisch), Korsakoff; alcoholisme, alcohol; amnestisch syndroom, alcoholisme; Korsakoff, amnestisch; syndroom, door alcohol, psychose; Korsakoff, alcohol, psychose; alcoholisch, Korsakoff, psychose; alcoholisch, polyneuritisch, syndroom; amnestisch, alcohol, syndroom; amnestisch, door alcohol, Psychische stoornissen en gedragsstoornissen door gebruik van alcohol; Amnestisch syndroom, Korsakoff, syndroom van, Syndroom van Korsakoff, Alcoholgeïnduceerd amnestisch syndroom, Amnestische psychose, alcoholgeïnduceerde, Syndroom, alcoholgeïnduceerd amnestisch
French Syndrome d'amnésie alcoolique, Trouble amnésique provoqué par l'alcool, Psychose amnésique de Korsakoff, Psychose amnésique provoquée par l'alcool, Psychose alcoolique de Korsakoff, Syndrome de Korsakoff (alcoolique), Psychose de Korsakov d'origine alcoolique, Amnésie alcoolique, Amnésie de Korsakoff, Syndrome éthylo-carentiel de Korsakoff, Trouble amnésique alcoolique, Trouble amnésique dû à l'alcool
German amnestisches Syndrom, nach Alkoholgebrauch, Psychische und Verhaltensstoerungen durch Alkohol: Amnestisches Syndrom, Korsakow-Psychose alkoholisch, Korsakow-Psychose (alkoholisch), Alkoholbedingtes Korsakow-Syndrom, Alkoholinduziertes amnestisches Syndrom, Amnestische Psychose, alkoholinduziert, Alkoholbedingte amnestische Störung
Italian Sindrome amnesica da alcool, Sindrome amnestica indotta da alcol, Sindrome amnestica alcolica, Psicosi amnestica indotta da alcol, Psicosi dismnesica indotta da alcol, Sindrome dismnesica indotta da alcol, Sindrome di Korsakoff indotta da alcol, Disturbo amnestico persistente indotto da alcol, Sindrome alcolica di Korsakoff, Psicosi di Korsakov, alcoolica, Psicosi di Korsakoff (alcolica), Psicosi di Korsakoff, alcolica, Disturbo amnestico alcolico
Portuguese Síndrome amnésica alcoólica, Psicose de Korsakov alcoólica, Psicose alcoólica de Korsakoff, Psicose de Korsakoff (alcoólica), Psicose Amnésica Induzida por Álcool, Síndrome Alcoólica de Korsakoff, Síndrome Amnésica Induzida por Álcool, Transtorno Amnésico Alcoólico
Spanish Síndrome amnésico alcohólico, Psicosis alcohólica de Korsakoff, Psicosis de Korsakov, alcohólica, Psicosis de Korsakoff (alcohólica), [X]trastornos mentales y del comportamiento debidos al uso de alcohol: síndrome amnésico, síndrome de amnesia por alcohol, SAI (trastorno), síndrome de amnesia por alcohol, SAI, [X]trastornos mentales y del comportamiento debidos al uso de alcohol: síndrome amnésico (trastorno), Amnesia Alcohólica, trastorno amnésico persistente inducido por el alcohol, trastorno amnésico por el alcohol (trastorno), trastorno amnésico por el alcohol, Psicosis Amnésica Inducida por Alcohol, Síndrome Alcohólico de Korsakoff, Síndrome Amnésico Inducido por Alcohol, Trastorno Amnésico Alcohólico
Japanese アルコール性健忘症候群, アルコールセイケンボウショウコウグン, アルコールセイコルサコフセイシンビョウ, コルサコフ精神病(アルコール性), コルサコフセイシンビョウアルコールセイ, 健忘症-アルコール性, アルコール健忘, アルコール性健忘症, アルコール性コルサコフ病, アルコール性コルサコフ精神病, アルコール性健忘, 慢性アルコールせん妄, 慢性アルコール譫妄
Swedish Alkoholbetingad varaktig minnesstörning
Czech alkoholismus - poruchy amnestické, Alkoholový amnestický syndrom, Korsakovova psychóza vyvolaná alkoholem, Korsakovova psychóza, vyvolaná alkoholem, Korsakovova psychóza (vyvolaná alkoholem)
Finnish Alkoholin aiheuttama amnestinen häiriö
Polish Zaburzenia amnestyczne alkoholowe, Zespół amnestyczny alkoholowy
Hungarian Alkoholos amnestikus syndroma, Korszakov-féle psychosis (alkoholos), Korzakov-psychosis, alkoholos, Korzakov-psychosis alkoholos
Norwegian Alkoholfremkalte forstyrrelser i hukommelsesfunksjonene, Alkoholisk demens, Alkoholfremkalt amnestisk psykose, Alkoholfremkalt amnesi