II. Definition

  1. Hypoxia or Hypoxemia
    1. PaO2 <70 to 80 mmHg

IV. Causes: Hypoxia or Hypoxemia (PaO2 <70 to 80 mmHg)

  1. See Hypoxemia

V. Symptoms

VI. Signs

  1. Cyanosis
  2. Tachycardia
  3. Tachypnea
  4. Mental status changes
    1. Acute: Altered Level of Consciousness
    2. Chronic: Fatigue, drowsy, inattentive
  5. Oxygen Saturation (O2 Sat) decreased
    1. Usually correlates with PaO2
      1. However, relationship is not linear (See O2 Sat)
      2. Not sensitive for increased A-a Gradient
    2. Conditions where O2 Sat low despite normal PaO2
      1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
      2. Methemoglobinemia or other abnormal Hemoglobin

VII. Evaluation and Management

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