II. Calculation

  1. Base Excess = (Actual_pH - Predicted_pH) * 67
  2. Calculate predicted pH based on PaCO2 (see Blood Gas)

III. Interpretation: Normal

  1. Range: -2 to +2 meq/L

IV. Interpretation: General

  1. Positive (Base Excess)
    1. Metabolic Alkalosis
  2. Negative (Base Deficit)
    1. Metabolic Acidosis

V. Interpretation: Neonatology

  1. Severe Acidosis (Base Excess < -10)
    1. Calculate Total Body Bicarbonate deficit
      1. Deficit = (Base Deficit) x (Weight in kg) x 0.3
    2. Administer 25% of bicarbonate deficit (~1 meq/kg)

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Ontology: Base excess measurement (C0201985)

Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
SnomedCT 67487000
LNC LP15429-1
Italian Eccesso di basi
Japanese 過剰塩基, カジョウエンキ
Spanish exceso de base, Exceso de base, exceso de base (procedimiento), medición del exceso de base (procedimiento), medición del exceso de base
Czech Exces bazí
English base excess test, actual base excess, base excess, Base excess, Delta base, blood, Actual base excess, BE - Base excess, Delta base, blood (procedure), Base excess - observation, Base excess measurement
Hungarian Bázistöbblet
Portuguese Excesso de base
Dutch base-exces
French Excès de base
German Basenueberschuss

Ontology: Base deficit (C0347530)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 102634007
LNC LP15428-3, MTHU008590
Italian Eccesso di basi negativo
Japanese 過剰塩基陰性, カジョウエンキインセイ
Spanish déficit de base (entidad observable), déficit de base (calificador), déficit de base, hipobasemia, Exceso de base negativo, déficit de base (hallazgo)
Czech Exces bazí negativní
English base deficit, Base excess negative, Base deficit, Negative base excess, Hypobasemia, Base deficit (qualifier value), Base deficit (finding), Base deficit, function (observable entity)
Hungarian Bázistöbblet negatív
Portuguese Excesso básico negativo
Dutch base-exces negatief
French Excès basique négatif
German Basenueberschuss negativ