II. Description

  1. Non-palpable flat lesion with Skin Color change
  2. Patches are Macule that are >3-4 cm in diameter

III. Signs

  1. Macules are flat and not palpable
    1. If raised, then consider Papule or Plaque
    2. Methods to determine if lesion raised
      1. Side lighting
      2. Careful palpation
  2. Color
    1. Hypopigmentation (e.g. Vitiligo)
    2. Hyperpigmentation
      1. Melanin (e.g. Cafe-Au-Lait Spots)
      2. Hemosiderin (e.g. Mongolian Spots)
    3. Vascular changes (e.g. Capillary Hemangioma)

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