II. Causes

  1. Pruritic Conditions
  2. Third trimester of pregnancy
  3. Following Scabies treatment

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Abnormal autonomic reflex response to allergen

IV. Technique

  1. Stroke skin of back with blunt object (Tongue blade)

V. Interpretation

  1. Normal response: White line
    1. Faint pale line along stimulation path
  2. Abnormal response: Red line
    1. Mild: Bright red line with red mottling extension
    2. Exaggerated: Wheal with raised, edematous, pale skin

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Ontology: Symptomatic dermographism (C0343065)

Definition (NCI) A raised, inflamed skin reaction to pressure from rubbing or scratching.(NICHD)
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 708.3
ICD10 L50.3
SnomedCT 123093003, 7632005, 238685008, 201265007, 270885004, 156430003, 201263000, 247473009, 402601007, 402410006
English DERMATOGRAPHIA, DERMOGRAPHIA, dermatographia, urticaria dermatographic, dermatographia (physical finding), dermatographic urticaria (diagnosis), dermatographic urticaria, dermatographic, Urticaria physical, dermographic urticaria, dermagraphy, physical urticarias, dermatographism, dermographism, dermatography, physical urticaria, skin writing, symptomatic dermographism, urticaria physical, Dermatographism, Dermographism (disorder), Dermographism, Dermatographic urticaria, Autographism, Dermatographia, Dermographia, Physical urticaria, Symptomatic dermographism, Dermagraphy, Dermatography, Ebbecke's reaction, Skin writing, Dermographic urticaria, Dermatographic urticaria (disorder), Physical urticaria (disorder), Symptomatic dermographism (disorder), autographism, dermatographic; urticaria, dermographia, urticaria; dermatographic, Dermographism -RETIRED-
Italian Orticaria fisica, Dermografia, Dermatografia, Dermografismo
Dutch fysische urticaria, dermatografie, dermografie, dermatografische urticaria, dermatografisch; urticaria, urticaria; dermatografisch, Dermatografische urticaria, urticaria fysisch
German physikalische Urtikaria, DERMATOGRAPHIE, DERMOGRAPHIE, Urticaria factitia, Dermographie, dermatographische Urtikaria, Dermatographie, Dermographismus, Urticaria physikalisch
Japanese 物理的蕁麻疹, ブツリテキジンマシン, ヒフビョウキセイジンマシン, ヒフビョウキショウ, ヒフミョウキセイジンマシン, 皮膚描記症, 皮膚描記性蕁麻疹
Portuguese DERMATOGRAFIA, DERMOGRAFISMO, Dermografismo, Urticária dermatográfica, Urticária física
Spanish DERMATOGRAFIA, DERMOGRAFISMO, Dermatografia, Urticaria dermatográfica, Dermografismo, Dermografía, dermografismo - RETIRADO - (concepto no activo), dermografismo - RETIRADO -, autografismo, dermatografía, dermografismo sintomático (trastorno), dermografismo sintomático, dermografismo, reacción de Ebbeke, urticaria dermatográfica (trastorno), urticaria dermatográfica, urticaria física (trastorno), urticaria física, Urticaria física
French DERMOGRAPHISME, Dermographie, Dermographisme, Urticaire dermatographique, Urticaire physique
Czech Kopřivka po fyzikálních podnětech, Dermografismus, Dermatografická kopřivka, Dermografie
Korean 피부표기증성 두드러기
Hungarian Urticaria factitia, Fizikai urticaria, Dermatographia, Dermographia, Dermographismus, Fizikai csalánkiütés