II. Causes: Patches or Plaques (Hypopigmentation)

  1. Pityriasis Alba
  2. Pityriasis Versicolor (Tinea Versicolor)
  3. Vitiligo
  4. Postinflammatory Hypopigmentation
  5. Cryotherapy
  6. Corticosteroids
    1. Associated with prolonged potent Topical Corticosteroids, intraarticular or intradermal Corticosteroid Injections
    2. Hypopigmented patches with irregular borders
  7. Chemical Leukoderma
    1. Hypomelanosis due to chemical contact exposure (e.g. phenols, catechols)
    2. Household disinfectants and detergents
    3. Hydroquinone
    4. P-phenylenediamine (hair dyes)
    5. Chloroquine
    6. Tretinoin
    7. Metals (e.g. Arsenic, mercurials)

IV. Causes: Diffuse changes (congenital conditions, uncommon)

  1. Albinism
  2. Piebaldism
  3. Tuberous sclerosis
  4. Hypermelanosis of Ito

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