II. Causes: Patches or Plaques (Hypopigmentation)

  1. Pityriasis Alba
  2. Pityriasis Versicolor (Tinea Versicolor)
  3. Vitiligo
  4. Postinflammatory Hypopigmentation
  5. Cryotherapy
  6. Corticosteroids
    1. Associated with prolonged potent Topical Corticosteroids, intraarticular or intradermal Corticosteroid Injections
    2. Hypopigmented patches with irregular borders
  7. Chemical Leukoderma
    1. Hypomelanosis due to chemical contact exposure (e.g. phenols, catechols)
    2. Household disinfectants and detergents
    3. Hydroquinone
    4. P-phenylenediamine (hair dyes)
    5. Chloroquine
    6. Tretinoin
    7. Metals (e.g. Arsenic, mercurials)

IV. Causes: Diffuse changes (congenital conditions, uncommon)

  1. Albinism
  2. Piebaldism
  3. Tuberous sclerosis
  4. Hypermelanosis of Ito

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Ontology: Hypopigmentation disorder (C0162835)

Definition (NCI) Abnormal lightening of skin due to decreased melanin production or deposition. Vitiligo, albinism, and leukoderma are among the disorders that are associated with skin hypopigmentation.
Definition (NCI) Loss of all color from the skin.
Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder characterized by loss of skin pigment.
Definition (MSH) A condition caused by a deficiency or a loss of melanin pigmentation in the epidermis, also known as hypomelanosis. Hypopigmentation can be localized or generalized, and may result from genetic defects, trauma, inflammation, or infections.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D017496 , D014820
SnomedCT 23006000, 297951005, 89031001, 18655006, 201284005
English Hypopigmentation, Hypomelanosis, Hypopigmented skin, Hypopigmentation disorder, Hypopigmentation of skin, skin hypopigmentation (physical finding), skin hypopigmentation, Skin hypopigmentation, Skin Hypopigmentation, Hypopigmentation [Disease/Finding], depigmentation, leucoderma, leucodermas, leukoderma, skin hypopigment, hypomelanosis, hypopigmentation, hypopigmentation skin, hypopigmented skin, Hypopigmentation disorders, Hypomelanoses, Dermal depigmentation, Pigment Dilution, Leukoderma, Depigmentation, Leucoderma, Skin depigmented, Skin hypopigmented, Depigmentation (morphologic abnormality), Achromoderma, Hypopigmentation (morphologic abnormality), Hypopigmentation disorder (disorder), Skin depigmented (finding), Skin hypopigmented (disorder), Hypopigmentation of skin, NOS, Hypopigmentation, NOS
Italian Disturbi da ipopigmentazione, Ipopigmentazione della cute, Ipomelanosi, Ipopigmentazione, Vitiligine
Dutch hypomelanose, huidhypopigmentatie, hypopigmentatieaandoeningen, Hypopigmentatie
German Hypomelanose, Hauthypopigmentierung, Hypopigmentationserkrankungen, Hypopigmentation, Pigmentierung, verminderte, Vitiligo
Portuguese Hipomelanose, Afecções de hipopigmentação, Hipopigmentação cutânea, Vitiligo, Hipopigmentação
Spanish Hipomelanosis, despigmentación (anomalía morfológica), despigmentación cutánea (hallazgo), despigmentación cutánea, despigmentación, hipomelanosis, hipopigmentación (anomalía morfológica), hipopigmentación de la piel (trastorno), hipopigmentación de la piel, hipopigmentación, trastorno de hipopigmentación (trastorno), trastorno de hipopigmentación, Alteraciones cutáneas con hipopigmentación, Hipopigmentación de la piel, Hipopigmentación
Japanese 皮膚色素減少, メラニン減少症, 色素欠乏症, ヒフシキソゲンショウ, メラニンゲンショウショウ, シキソケツボウショウ, 色素沈着低下
Swedish Hypopigmentering
Czech hypopigmentace, vitiligo, Hypomelanóza, Hypopigmentové poruchy, Kožní hypopigmentace, snížená pigmentace
Finnish Hypopigmentaatio, Valkopälvi
Croatian Not Translated[Hypopigmentation], VITILIGO
Polish Hipopigmentacja
Hungarian Hypopigmentáció betegségei, Hypomelanosis, Bőr hypopigmentatio
Norwegian Vitiligo, Hypomelanose, Hypopigmentering
French Hypopigmentation cutanée, Troubles d'hypopigmentation, Hypopigmentation, Vitiligo, Hypomélanose