II. Pathophysiology

  1. Venous Stasis changes related to Venous Insufficiency

III. Signs

  1. Venous Insufficiency changes
  2. Erythematous Plaque
  3. Fine fissures
  4. Scaling
  5. Hyperpigmentation with pinpoint brown Macules (Hemosiderin deposits)
  6. Stasis changes on legs and foot dorsum
  7. Secondary changes with scarring and skin atrophy
  8. Telangiectasias
  9. Corona Phlebectatica (abnormally dilated veins at the ankle and foot)
  10. Atrophie blanche (atrophic white scarring)
  11. Lipodermatosclerosis
  12. Narrowing of the distal lower leg (similar to an inverted champagne bottle)
    1. Results from subcutaneous fibrosis seen in Lipodermatosclerosis

IV. Management

  1. See Venous Insufficiency
  2. Avoid scratching and avoid other Skin Injury
    1. See Pruritus Management
    2. Apply Skin Lubricant (e.g. Vanicream) immediately after bathing and throughout the day
  3. Wrap legs (changed weekly, more for weaping lesions)
    1. Ace bandage compression or
    2. Una boot (4 layers wrapped with Coban or similar)
  4. Weaping lesions
    1. Dry weaping lesions with compresses of dilute vinegar on gauze
  5. Topical Corticosteroids (high potency)
    1. Apply to areas of closed, dry Stasis Dermatitis under wraps

V. Complications

  1. Venous Stasis Ulcer
  2. Cellulitis
    1. Recurrent Cellulitis predisposes to lymphatic insufficiency
  3. Eczematous Dermatitis
  4. Fat necrosis (sclerotic paniculitis)
    1. Inverted champagne bottle appearance to lower legs (bottle body) and ankles (bottle neck)

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Ontology: Stasis dermatitis (C0011620)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD10 I83.1
SnomedCT 35498005, 155464008, 195446009, 366362000, 275700003
English Stasis dermatitis, Varicose vein leg with eczema, VARICOSE ECZEMA, stasis dermatitis, stasis dermatitis (diagnosis), Eczema gravitational, Eczema stasis, Stasis dermatitis, NOS, dermatitis stasis, dermatitis venous, Dermatitis;stasis, Eczema;varicose, venous dermatitis, gravitational eczema, stasis eczema, Gravitational eczema (disorder), Stasis eczema, Varicose eczema, Gravitational eczema, Varicose veins of the leg with eczema, Venous eczema, Varicose eczema leg, Stasis dermatitis (disorder), Varicose eczema (disorder), Varicose veins of the leg with eczema (disorder), dermatitis; stasis, dermatitis; varicose, eczema; stasis, eczema; varicose, stasis; dermatitis, stasis; eczema, varicose; dermatitis, varicose; eczema, Varicose veins of the leg with eczema [Ambiguous], varicose eczema
Italian Dermatite da stasi, Eczema gravitazionale, Eczema varicoso, Eczema da stasi
Dutch gravitatie-eczeem, eczeemstagnatie, varikeus eczeem, dermatitis; stase, dermatitis; variceus, eczeem; stase, eczeem; variceus, stase; dermatitis, stase; eczeem, variceus; dermatitis, variceus; eczeem, stagnatie eczeem
French Eczéma variqueux, Eczéma de stase, Eczéma gravitationnel, ECZEMA VARIQUEUX, Dermatite ocre
German Stauungsekzem, Eczema varicosum, Stauungsdermatitis
Portuguese Eczema de estase, Eczema varicoso, Eczema gravitacional, ECZEMA VARICOSO, Dermatite de estase
Spanish Eczema por estasis, Eczema gestacional, Eczema varicoso, eccema gravitacional, dermatitis por estasis (trastorno), dermatitis por estasis, eccema por estasis, eccema varicoso (trastorno), eccema varicoso, eczema por estasis, eczema varicoso, várices de la pierna con eccema (trastorno), várices de la pierna con eccema, Dermatitis de estasis
Japanese うっ滞性湿疹, 静脈瘤性湿疹, うっ滞性皮膚炎, ウッタイセイヒフエン, ジョウミャクリュウセイシッシン, ウッタイセイシッシン
Czech Ekzém z městnání, Varikózní ekzém, Gravitační ekzém, Dermatitida z městnání
Hungarian Eczema, stasis, Eczema gravitációs, Varicosus ekcéma, Stasis dermatitis, Gravitációs eczema