II. Indications

  1. Chronic Venous Disease Classification

III. Classification: Clinical

  1. C0: No visible or palpable signs of venous disease (29% of older adults)
  2. C1: Telangiectasias or reticular veins (29% of older adults)
  3. C2: Varicose Veins (23% of older adults)
  4. C3: Edema associated with Venous Insufficiency (10% of older adults)
  5. C4a: Pigmentation or Eczema (9% of older adults)
  6. C4b: Lipodermatosclerosis or Atrophie blanche
  7. C5: Healed Venous Stasis Ulcer (1.5% of older adults)
  8. C6: Active Venous Stasis Ulcer (0.5% of older adults)

IV. Classification: Etiologic

  1. Ec: Congenital
  2. Ep: Primary
  3. Es: Secondary (Post-Thrombotic Syndrome)
  4. En: No venous cause identified

V. Classification: Anatomic

  1. As: Superficial Veins
  2. Ap: Perforating Veins
  3. Ad: Deep Veins
  4. An: No venous location identified

VI. Classification: Pathophysiologic

  1. Pr: Reflux
  2. Po: Obstruction
  3. Pr,o: Reflux and Obstruction
  4. Pn: No venous pathophysiology identifiable

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