II. Indication

III. Definition

  1. Appendicitis test: Pain on passive right leg extension

IV. Technique

  1. Patient lies on their left side
  2. Hyperextend patients right thigh
  3. Positive test if results in Abdominal Pain

V. Interpretation

  1. Indicates irritation of iliopsoas
  2. Examples
    1. Extrapelvic abscess as seen in Appendicitis
    2. Adnexal changes
    3. Bowel adhesions

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Ontology: Psoas sign (C0277849)

Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
SnomedCT 77069005
Italian Segno dello psoas
Japanese 腰筋徴候, ヨウキンチョウコウ
Czech Psoatový příznak
English psoas sign, Psoas sign, Psoas sign (finding)
Hungarian Psoas tünet
Spanish signo del psoas (hallazgo), signo del psoas, Signo de Psoas
Portuguese Sinais do psoa
Dutch psoaskramp
French Signe du psoas
German Psoaszeichen