II. Definition

  1. Skin of penis becomes entrapped in pants zipper

III. Management

  1. Consider Dorsal Penile Nerve Block
  2. Pretreatment with Mineral Oil (most effective single measure - effective in 95% of cases)
    1. Soak the entrapped skin of penis in Mineral Oil for 15 minutes prior to attempted procedure
  3. Entrapment within teeth of zipper (non-moving part) - effective in 80% of cases
    1. Cut horizontally across the zipper at a level above or below the entrapment
    2. Gently pull apart the teeth of the zipper
  4. Entrapment within sliding zipper part
    1. Identify the median bar of zipper (zipper diamond)
      1. Crossbar at sliding zipper opening
      2. Crossbar joins the anterior faceplate and the posterior faceplate of the sliding zipper
      3. This crossbar separates the two rows of zipper teeth
    2. Cut median bar of zipper
      1. Insert wire cutters or bone cutters between the anterior and posterior faceplates
      2. One cutting edge to either side of the median bar
      3. Cut the median bar, and the faceplates of the zipper should fall away
    3. Alternative: Flat head screw driver technique
      1. Insert flat head screwdriver between the two sliding zipper faceplates
      2. Rotate screwdriver 90 degrees to pry apart the two face plates

V. References

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