II. Background

  1. Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
  2. Acaridae family (closely related to Spiders)
  3. Size 0.3 mm in length
  4. Eat human skin scales
  5. Conditions for growth
    1. Temperature: 21 C or 70 F
    2. Relative Humidity: 70%

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Most important indoor allergen
    1. Sensitivity predicts Asthma severity and development
    2. Exposure also related to other atopic disease
  2. Antigen Sensitization to Der p1
    1. Der P1 found in Dust mite feces
    2. Feces are large (10 um) but still easily airborne
  3. Sites in home with high level of Dust mites
    1. Pillows and mattresses
      1. Bed is most significant source of exposure
    2. Carpets
    3. Drapes and upholstered furniture
    4. Clothing

IV. Management

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