II. Causes

  1. Usually idiopathic and benign
  2. Catecholamine excess
  3. Hypoxia
  4. Myocardial Ischemia
  5. Congestive Heart Failure
  6. Acid-base disturbance
  7. Electrolyte abnormality

III. Signs: EKG Findings

  1. No compensatory pause
  2. P Wave included in Extrasystole
  3. Associated with right bundle branch
  4. Normal narrow QRS with normal axis

IV. Precautions

  1. Supraventricular Premature Complexes (SVPCs) are associated with risk of Atrial Fibrillation and cardiac events
    1. Murakoshi (2015) Eur Heart J. 2015 Jan 14;36(3):170-8 +PMID:25358506 [PubMed]

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Ontology: Atrial Premature Complexes (C0033036)

Definition (NCI_CDISC) An electrocardiographic finding of an ectopic impulse originating in the atria and not specifically in the sinus node. The P wave morphology of these complexes is often different from a sinus P wave and the RR intervals preceding these complexes is also shorter than those of the regular beats.
Definition (NCI) An electrocardiographic finding of an ectopic impulse originating in the atria and not specifically in the sinus node. The P wave morphology of these complexes is often different from a sinus P wave and the RR intervals preceding these complexes is also shorter than those of the regular beats. (CDISC)
Definition (MSH) A type of cardiac arrhythmia with premature atrial contractions or beats caused by signals originating from ectopic atrial sites. The ectopic signals may or may not conduct to the HEART VENTRICLES. Atrial premature complexes are characterized by premature P waves on ECG which are different in configuration from the P waves generated by the normal pacemaker complex in the SINOATRIAL NODE.
Concepts Finding (T033)
MSH D018880
ICD9 427.61
ICD10 I49.1
SnomedCT 60299007, 251169001, 73712003, 195094000, 155366006, 63593006, 284470004, 287057009, 406461004
LNC LP31000-0, MTHU024511, LA17094-6
English EXTRASYSTOLES SUPRAVENTRICULAR, Atrial Beat, Premature, Atrial Beats, Premature, Atrial Complex, Premature, Atrial Contraction, Premature, Atrial Contractions, Premature, Atrial Ectopic Beat, Atrial Ectopic Beats, Atrial Extrasystole, Atrial Extrasystoles, Atrial Premature Complex, Ectopic Beat, Atrial, Ectopic Beats, Atrial, Extrasystole, Atrial, Extrasystoles, Atrial, Premature Atrial Beat, Premature Atrial Beats, Premature Atrial Complex, Premature Atrial Contraction, Premature Atrial Contractions, Premature Complex, Atrial, Premature Complexes, Atrial, Premature Supraventricular Beat, Premature Supraventricular Beats, Supraventricular Beat, Premature, Supraventricular Beats, Premature, Supraventricular ectopic beats, PAC-Premature atrial contract, atrial premature complex, atrial premature complex (diagnosis), Atrial premature depolarisatn, Premature atrial complexes, Premature beat atrial, Extrasystoles atrial, Supraventricular ectopics, Extrasystoles supraventricular, Atrial premature beats, Atrial Premature Complexes [Disease/Finding], apc, atrial premature beat, atrial ectopic, atrial premature beats, ectopic atrial beats, premature atrial beats, premature atrial complexes, premature atrial contraction, atrial ectopics, premature atrial systole, premature atrial contractions, apcs, premature atrial beat, supraventricular premature beats, atrial ectopic beat, Atrial Premature Complex (APC), atrial premature complexes, premature atrial complex, atrial ectopic beats, atrial premature contractions, premature atrial systoles, supraventricular extrasystole, Atrial Complices, Premature, Atrial Premature Complices, Premature Atrial Complices, Premature Complices, Atrial, Premature atrial contraction (PAC), Premature atrial contractions, atrial premature depolarization, premature depolarization atrial, atrial premature depolarization (diagnosis), Supraventricular ectopic beats (disorder), Atrial premature complex (finding), supraventricular premature beats (diagnosis), Supraventricular Extra Beat, Atrial Premature Complex by ECG Finding, PAC, Premature atrial complex, Atrial Premature Complex by EKG Finding, PREMATURE ATRIAL COMPLEXES, APC, Atrial premature complex(es), SVE, Supraventricular premature beats, Atrial extrasystoles, Atrial premature contractions, Atrial premature systoles, Atrial ectopic, Atrial premature complex, Atrial premature depolarization, Supraventricular extrasystoles, PAC - Premature atrial contraction, Premature atrial contraction, Atrial premature depolarisation, Premature atrial contraction (disorder), Atrial premature complex (disorder), Supraventricular premature beats (disorder), Supraventricular premature contraction, Ectopic atrial beats, Ectopic atrial beats (disorder), atrium; ectopic beats, atrium; extrasystoles, atrium; premature contraction, beat; premature, atrial, beats; ectopia, atrial, beats; premature, atrial, contraction; premature, atrium, ectopia; atrial beats, ectopia; beats, atrial, extrasystoles; atrial, premature; beat, atrial, premature; beats, atrial, premature; contraction, atrial, Ectopic atrial beats, NOS, Atrial premature complex [Ambiguous], Supraventriciular premature contraction, Atrial Premature Complexes
Italian Extrasistoli sopraventricolari, Extrasistolia sopraventricolare, Battito prematuro atriale, Extrasistole sopraventricolare, Battito atriale prematuro, Extrasistoli premature sopraventricolari, Battiti atriali ectopici, Extrasistole atriale, Contrazioni atriali premature, Battiti prematuri sopraventricolari, Battiti ectopici atriali, Extrasistoli atriali
Dutch atriumextrasystole, SVE, premature atriumslag, supraventriculaire ectopische slagen, premature atriumcontractie, supraventriculaire extrasystoles, supraventriculaire premature hartslagen, ectopische atriumslagen, PAC, atrium; ectopische slagen, atrium; extrasystole, atrium; premature contractie, contractie; prematuur, atrium, ectopie; atriale slagen, ectopie; slagen, atriaal, extrasystole; atriaal [boezem], prematuur; contractie, atrium, prematuur; slag, atrium, prematuur; slagen, atrium, slag; prematuur, atrium, slagen; ectopie, atriaal, slagen; prematuur, atrium, supraventriculaire extrasystole, Atriale ectopische hartslag, Atriale premature depolarisatie, Depolarisatie, atriale premature, Extrasystole, atriale, Premature atriale hartslag, Premature atriale systole, Premature supraventriculaire hartslag
French ESSV, Battement auriculaire prématuré, Battements auriculaires ectopiques, CAP, Battements prématurés supraventriculaires, EXTRASYSTOLES SUPRAVENTRICULAIR, Extrasystoles supraventriculaires, Contraction auriculaire prématurée, Extrasystole auriculaire, Extrasystole atriale, Extrasystoles atriales, Extrasystoles auriculaires
German ektopische Herzschlaege Vorhof, SVE, PAC, supraventrikulaere ektopische Herzschlaege, supraventrikulaere Vorhofextrasystolen, Extrasystolen supraventrikulaer, verfruehte Vorhofkontraktion, Vorhofextrasystole, EXTRASYSTOLEN SUPRAVENTRIKULAER, Vorhofextrasystolie, supraventrikulaere Extrasystolen, Atriale Extrasystoliekomplexe, Atriale ektopische Systolen, Ektopische Systolen, Vorhof, Extrasystolie, Vorhof-, Extrasystolie, atriale, Vorhofextrasystolen, Vorzeitige Vorhofkontraktionen, Extrasystolie, supraventrikuläre, Supraventrikuläre Extrasystolen
Portuguese Extra-sístole auricular, Extra-sístole supraventricular, Contracções auriculares ectópicas, Contracção auricular prematura, Ritmos ectópicos supraventriculares, Contracções prematuras supraventriculares, Extra-sístoles auriculares, EXTRASISTOLES SUPRAVENTRICULARES, Extrassístole Atrial, Extra-sístoles supraventriculares, Batimentos Atriais Prematuros, Batimentos Ectópicos Atriais, Batimentos Supraventriculares Prematuros, Complexos Atriais Prematuros, Contrações Atriais Prematuras
Spanish Latidos auriculares ectópicos, Contracción auricular prematura, Extrasístoles auriculares, CAP, Latido prematuro auricular, ESV, Focos ectópicos supraventriculares, Latidos prematuros supraventriculares, EXTRASISTOLES SUPRAVENTRICULARES, Complejos Atriales Prematuros, sístoles auriculares prematuras, extrasístoles auriculares, extrasístoles auriculares (trastorno), Complejos Auriculares Prematuros, Complejos Prematuros Atriales, Complejos Prematuros Auriculares, complejo auricular prematuro (trastorno), complejo auricular prematuro, contracción auricular prematura (trastorno), contracción auricular prematura, despolarización auricular prematura, extrasístoles supraventriculares (trastorno), extrasístoles supraventriculares, Extrasístoles supraventriculares, latidos auriculares ectópicos, latidos auriculares ectópicos (trastorno), Contracciones Atriales Prematuras, Extrasístoles Atriales, Latidos Ectópicos Atriales, Latidos Prematuros Atriales, Latidos Supraventriculares Prematuros
Japanese 異所性心房期外収縮, 異所性上室期外収縮, イショセイジョウシツキガイシュウシュク, ジョウシツセイキガイシュウシュク, イショセイシンボウキガイシュウシュク, シンボウセイキガイシュウシュク, 期外収縮-心房性, 上室性期外収縮, 心房性期外収縮, 心房性異所性収縮, 期外収縮-上室性
Swedish Förmaksprematurslag
Finnish Eteislisälyönnit
Czech Supraventrikulární předčasné stahy, Supraventrikulární extrasystoly, Síňové extrasystoly, Ektopické síňové stahy, Předčasný síňový stah, Supraventrikulární ektopie, předčasné atriální kontrakce, síňové extrasystoly, předčasné síňové kontrakce
Korean 심방 조기 탈분극
Polish Ekstrasystolia przedsionkowa, Pobudzenie nadkomorowe przedwczesne, Pobudzenia przedsionkowe przedwczesne, Skurcz przedsionków przedwczesny
Hungarian Korai pitvari ütés, Supraventricularis korai ütések, SVE, Pitvari ectopiás ütések, PAC, Supraventricularis extrasystolék, Extrasystolék, supraventricularis, Pitvari korai összehúzódás, Supraventricularis ectopiák, Atrialis extrasystolék
Norwegian Atrieekstrasystole, Atriale premature slag, Premature atriekontraksjoner, Atriale ektopiske slag, Premature supraventrikulære ekstrasystoler