II. Definitions

  1. PR Interval
    1. Duration from the START of the P Wave to the start of the QRS Complex
    2. Represents electrical conduction from atrial depolarization to the start of ventricular depolarization
      1. Includes signal conduction through atria, AV Node, common bundle and bundle branches
      2. AV Node conduction is responsible for the majority of the PR Segment duration
  2. PR Segment
    1. Duration from the END of the P Wave to the start of the QRS Complex

III. Findings: Normal

  1. PR Segment is Isoelectric
  2. Interval: 0.12 to 0.20

IV. Causes: Prolonged PR Interval

  1. AV Node Block
  2. Hyperthyroidism (occasional)
  3. Normal variant (rarely)

V. Causes: Shortened PR Interval

  1. Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome (WPW Syndrome)
    1. Always look closely for a Delta Wave in Short PR Interval
  2. AV nodal rhythm (Junctional Rhythm)
  3. Low atrial nodal rhythm
  4. Lown-Ganong-Levine (LGL)
  5. Hypertension
  6. Normal variant

VI. Causes: PR Depression

  1. Myocardial Infarction involving atrium
  2. Acute Pericarditis (also with downsloping TP segment)

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Related Studies

Ontology: PR depression (C0429068)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 251245007
English PR depression, PR depression (finding)
Spanish depresión del PR (hallazgo), depresión del PR

Ontology: Electrocardiogram: P-R interval (C0429087)

Definition (NCI) The time interval between the start of the P wave and the beginning of the QRS complex in the cardiac cycle.
Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 164948002, 365411005, 142118007
Italian Intervallo PR dell'elettrocardiogramma
English ECG: PR interval NOS (observable entity), electrocardiogram intervals PR, PR interval on ECG, PR interval, ECG: PR interval NOS, Electrocardiogram: P-R interval, electrocardiogram: PR interval, electrocardiogram: PR interval (procedure), PR Interval, Finding of ECG PR interval, Electrocardiogram PR interval, Electrocardiogram: P-R interval NOS (observable entity), ECG: PR interval NOS (finding), Electrocardiogram: P-R interval NOS, Finding of electrocardiogram PR interval (finding), Finding of electrocardiogram PR interval, Finding of ECG PR interval (finding), PR interval - finding
Japanese 心電図PR間隔, シンデンズPRカンカク
Spanish electrocardiograma: intervalo PR, SAI (entidad observable), hallazgo en el intervalo PR según el electrocardiograma, hallazgo en el intervalo PR según el electrocardiograma (hallazgo), intervalo PR - hallazgo, hallazgo relacionado con el intervalo PR del electrocardiograma (hallazgo), hallazgo electrocardiográfico en el intervalo PR (hallazgo), hallazgo electrocardiográfico en el intervalo PR, hallazgo relacionado con el intervalo PR del ECG, hallazgo relacionado con el intervalo PR del electrocardiograma, electrocardiograma: intervalo P-R, SAI (entidad observable), electrocardiograma: intervalo PR, SAI, ECG: PR interval NOS, ECG: intervalo PR, SAI, electrocardiograma: intervalo P-R, SAI, electrocardiograma: intervalo P-R, SAI (hallazgo), Intervalo PR del electrocardiograma
Czech PR interval na elektrokardiogramu
Hungarian Elektrokardiogram PR távolság
Portuguese Intervalo PR de ECG
Dutch elektrocardiogram PR-interval
French Espace P-R d'électrocardiogramme
German Elektrokardiogramm PR-Intervall

Ontology: Prolonged PR interval (C0600125)

Definition (NCI) An electrocardiographic finding of a PR interval of more than 0.20 seconds in adults.
Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 367413009, 195041009, 142116006, 164947007, 14256006
English PR INTERVAL PROLONGED, Prolonged P-R interval, [dup] NOS, PR interval prolonged, PR prolongation, Prolonged P-R interval, NOS (finding), Electrocardiogram PR interval prolonged, Electrocardiogram PR prolongation, Prolonged P-R interval, NOS, Prolonged PR Interval by ECG Finding, Prolonged PR Interval by EKG Finding, Prolonged PR Interval, Prolonged PR interval, Prolonged P-R interval, Prolonged PR interval (finding), Prolonged P-R interval NOS, Prolonged P-R interval, NOS (disorder)
Italian Intervallo PR dell'elettrocardiogramma, prolungato, Intervallo PR allungato, Allungamento del PR
Dutch PR-interval verlengd, PR verlenging, elektrocardiogram PR-interval verlengd, elektrocardiogram PR-verlenging
French Prolongation de l'intervalle PR, Intervalle PR prolongé, Espace PR de l'électrocardiogramme prolongé, ALLONGEMENT DE L'INTERVALLE PR, Prolongation PR de l'électrocardiogramme
German PR-Intervall verlaengert, PR-Verlaengerung, Elekrokardiogramm: PR-Strecke verlaengert, PR-INTERVALL VERLAENGERT, Elektrokardiogramm-PR verlaengert
Portuguese Intervalo PR prolongado, Prolongamento de PR, Intervalo PR do ECG prolongado, ALONGAMENTO DO INTERVALO PR, Prolongamento PR do ECG
Spanish Prolongación de PR, Intervalo PR alargado, Prolongación del intervalo PR, intervalo P-R prolongado [dup] (trastorno), PR PROLONGADO, intervalo P-R prolongado [dup] (hallazgo), intervalo P - R prolongado, intervalo P-R prolongado [dup], P-R prolongado, intervalo P-R prolongado, intervalo PR prolongado (hallazgo), intervalo PR prolongado, Prolongación del intervalo PR del ECG
Japanese 心電図PR間隔延長, 心電図PR延長, PR間隔延長, PR延長, PRカンカクエンチョウ, シンデンズPRエンチョウ, シンデンズPRカンカクエンチョウ, PRエンチョウ
Czech PR interval prodloužený, Prodloužení PR intervalu, Prodloužení PR intervalu na elektrokardiogramu, PR interval na elektrokardiogramu prodloužený
Hungarian PR szakasz megnyúlt, PR megnyúlás, Elektrokardiogram PR megnyúlás, Elektrokardiogram PR távolság megnyúlt