II. Background

  1. New calculator released for use with ACC/AHA 2013 Hyperlipidemia Guidelines and replaces the Framingham Calculator
    1. Calculator appears to primarily overestimate Cardiovascular Risk
    2. Calculator also allows for estimation of impact of Tobacco Cessation or adding Statin or Aspirin
  2. Calculators (interfaces vary, but use the same calculations)
    1. AHA
      1. http://static.heart.org/riskcalc/app/index.html#!/baseline-risk
    2. ACC
      1. http://tools.acc.org/ASCVD-Risk-Estimator-Plus/#!/calculate/estimate/

III. Indications

  1. No known cardiovascular disease AND Age 40 to 75 years old (or LDL Cholesterol >190 mg/dl)
  2. Allows for decision making in primary prevention
    1. Starting Aspirin for age >50 years old
    2. Starting a Blood Pressure medication for stage I Hypertension
    3. Assigning an LDL goal and starting a Statin for Hyperlipidemia

IV. Criteria

  1. Diabetes Mellitus or other heart disease equivalent
  2. Current Tobacco Use
  3. Age
  4. Gender
  5. Total Cholesterol
  6. HDL Cholesterol
  7. Systolic Blood Pressure
  8. Hypertension treatment

V. Interpretation: Cardiovascular Risk

  1. Low: <10% CAD 10 year risk (<0.6% per year)
  2. Moderate: 10-20% CAD 10 year risk (0.6-2.0% per year)
  3. High:>20% CAD 10 year risk (>2% per year)

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