II. Indications

  1. Low Risk Chest Pain evaluation

III. Criteria

  1. Completely Normal EKG
    1. No T Wave Inversion
    2. No Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
  2. Troponin negative at 2 hours after emergency department arrival
  3. No Acute Coronary Syndrome history
  4. No Nitrate use
  5. Chest Pain with reassuring history and exam
    1. Reproducible Chest Pain on palpation OR
    2. Non-reproducible Chest Pain, but a patient under age 50 years with a non-concerning history

IV. Interpretation

  1. All criteria present
    1. Low risk for acute coronary events
    2. Consider early disposition home from emergency department with close interval follow-up
  2. Any failing criteria
    1. Cannot exclude ACS
    2. Employ other tools to evaluate further for ACS

V. Efficacy

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