II. Causes: Single Car Accident (6 S's Mnemonic)

III. Mechanism: Frontal Impact MVA

  1. Signs at accident scene
    1. Bent steering wheel
    2. Knee impact on dash
    3. Bull's-eye impression in windshield
  2. Associated Injuries
    1. Cervical Spine Fracture
    2. Anterior Flail Chest
    3. Myocardial Contusion
    4. Pneumothorax
    5. Traumatic Aortic Rupture or transection
    6. Spleen or liver Fracture
    7. Hip or Knee Dislocation

IV. Mechanism: Side Impact MVA

V. Mechanism: Rear Impact MVA

VI. Mechanism: Ejection from Vehicle

  1. Significantly increased risk of multiple injury
  2. Significantly increased mortality

VII. Mechanism: Motor vehicle-pedestrian: Injury triad

  1. Step 1: Bumper impact
    1. Lower extremity Fracture
  2. Step 2: Hood or Windscreen impact
    1. Thoracic or Abdominal Injury
  3. Step 3: Ground impact
    1. Head Injury

VIII. Associated Conditions

X. References

  1. (2012) ATLS Manual, 9th ed, American College of Surgeons

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