II. Symptoms: Collison injury in Contact Sports

  1. Sensation of "jammed neck" for days to weeks

III. Symptoms: Whiplash

  1. Neck Pain
  2. Headache
  3. Loss of concentration
  4. Arm Paresthesias (24%)
  5. Dizziness (24%)
  6. Fatigue (19%)

IV. Signs: Red flags suggestive of serious injury

  1. See Neck Pain Causes
  2. See Cervical Spine Injury
  3. Asymmetry of rotation
  4. Decreased cervical range of motion
  5. Pain over single spinous process
  6. Unrelenting Neck Pain
  7. Weakness or paralysis
  8. Loss of movement or Bladder function
  9. Violent axial loading or rotation mechanism of injury

V. Signs: Limited Cervical Sprain

  1. Limited Range of Motion
    1. No pain
    2. No Paresthesias
    3. No radiculopathy
  2. Normal Neurologic Exam

VII. Management

  1. See Cervical Spine Injury
  2. Avoid home use of soft Cervical Collar for treatment
    1. Prolonged immobilization slows healing
  3. Early active range of motion of neck speeds healing
    1. Rotational Exercises 10 times per hour
    2. Start as soon as tolerated
    3. Continue for first 4 days

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