II. Management: General

  1. Chronic Cervical Disc Disease
  2. Initiate after acute pain subsides

III. Technique: Modalities for acute pain

  1. Diathermy or Ultrasound
  2. TENS
  3. Gentle range of motion and Stretching
  4. Massage
  5. Cervical Traction (delay until acute Muscle pain resolves)

IV. Technique: Graded Isometric Exercise

  1. Be gentle
  2. Push Head against hand in 3 directions
    1. Lateral bending
  3. Flexion and Extension
    1. Rotation
  4. Hold each position for 5 seconds
  5. Complete 5 repetitions three to four times daily

V. Prevention

  1. Avoid Fatigue
  2. Avoid poor Posture (especially Hyperextension)
  3. Place pillow under neck (not head)
    1. Maintains neutral neck position
    2. Pillow should be 7.5 - 10 cm thick
  4. Continue reasonable work schedule unless intense pain

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