II. Background

  1. TENS Units are available as of 2014 in U.S. without a prescription

III. Mechanism

  1. Electrical current stimulates a nerve Action Potential
  2. Results in Muscle Contraction or altered Sensation

IV. Indications

  1. General electrical stimulation
    1. Tissue and Wound Healing
    2. Localized inflammation
  2. Electrical Muscle Stimulation
    1. Relief of Muscle spasm or Muscle Strengthening (via isometric contraction)
  3. Transcutanous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS Unit)
    1. Localized neuropathic pain

V. Contraindications

  1. Cardiac Arrhythmia or Pacemaker
  2. Thrombophlebitis
  3. Avoid over the Abdomen and Pelvis in pregnancy
  4. Avoid at sites where local Sensation is diminished
  5. Seizure Disorder

VI. Precautions

  1. Apply to clean, dry, intact skin only
  2. Do not apply over Topical Medications or patches
  3. Start at low power and increase dose gradually

VII. References

  1. (2015) Presc Lett 22(2): 9-10

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