II. Indications

  1. Physical therapy modality to treat tendon or Muscle injuries

III. Contraindications: Locations over-which to avoid Ultrasound application

IV. Types

  1. Continuous Ultrasound
    1. Thermal effect to warm superficial tissues
    2. Frequency of Ultrasound waves effects depth of tissues effected
      1. Lower frequency waves penetrate tissues as deep as 2 inches or 5 cm
    3. Indication: Symptomatic relief in chronic injuries lasting beyond 2 weeks
  2. Pulsed Ultrasound
    1. Non-thermal effect theoretically speeds tissue healing at the cellular level
    2. Indication: Potential to speed healing when applied in first few days after injury
  3. Phonophoresis
    1. Transcutaneous medication (typically Corticosteroid) delivered to tissue via Ultrasound
    2. Indication: Localized inflammation of a tendon, bursa or joint

V. Protocol: Phonophoresis

  1. Apply medication (e.g. Dexamethasone or Ketoprofen) 10% concentration in aqueous base
  2. Apply continuous Ultrasound at 1-2 watts/cm

VI. Adverse Effects

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