II. Preparations: Socialization and Communication Devices

  1. Communication boards
  2. Augmentation and alternative devices (Computers)
  3. Laryngeal prosthesis
  4. Long distance devices
    1. Information networks
    2. BBS Systems
    3. Telephone typewriter (TTY)
    4. Text telephone (TT)
    5. Telephone device for deaf (TDD)
    6. Captioning devices

III. Preparations: Sensory Aids

  1. Vision
    1. Low Vision aids
    2. Magnification or large print texts
    3. Braille
    4. Increased lighting
    5. Alerting devices
  2. Hearing
    1. Amplification aids (Hearing Aids)
    2. Assistive listening devices
    3. Noise reduction
    4. Sound systems
    5. Telecommunication devices
    6. Cochlear Implants
  3. Seating and positioning systems
  4. Prosthetics for upper or lower extremity
  5. Orthotics
    1. Upper or lower extremity
    2. Spine
    3. Braces
    4. Splints
    5. Helmet

IV. Preparations: Mobility Options

  1. See Ambulatory Assistive Device
  2. Wheelchair (manual or motorized)
  3. Assistive ambulatory aids
    1. Canes
    2. Crutches
    3. Walkers
  4. Public transportation accommodation
  5. Vehicle or driving adaptations
  6. Architectural barriers and accessibility

V. Preparations: Tools for Activities of Daily Living

  1. Bathing
    1. Bath mats
    2. Grab bars
    3. Bath stool or chair
    4. Long brush
    5. Extended faucet levers
  2. Ambulation
    1. Canes
    2. Walkers
    3. Wheelchairs
    4. Braces
  3. Toileting
    1. Raised seat
    2. Arms
    3. Wipers
    4. Grab bars
  4. Transfers
    1. Bed or chair height adjustment
    2. sliding boards
    3. Non-slip surface
  5. Eating
    1. Grips
    2. Plate guards
  6. Dressing
    1. Velcro on clothes
    2. Dressing stick
    3. Special clothes

VI. Preparations: Tools for IADL

  1. Low Vision aids
  2. Hearing Aids
  3. TTY/TDD phones
  4. Household modifications
  5. Medication reminders

VII. Preparations: Environmental: Structural modifications

  1. Adjustment to doors and door hinge
  2. Extensions
  3. Ramps, curb cuts, and lifts

VIII. Preparations: Recreational Intervention

  1. Adapted Exercise, sports equipment and programs
  2. Gardening aids
  3. Games and toys
  4. Computers
  5. Arts and Crafts devices

IX. Preparations: Employment and job site modification

  1. Adjustable work table
  2. Arm lamps
  3. Speaker phone
  4. Telephone amplifiers
  5. Memory telephone,
  6. Powered door opener
  7. Light switch extension
  8. Weighted pen
  9. One hand typewriters

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Ontology: Self-Help Devices (C0036605)

Definition (MEDLINEPLUS)

If you have a disability or injury, you may use a number of assistive devices. These are tools, products or types of equipment that help you perform tasks and activities. They may help you move around, see, communicate, eat, or get dressed. Some are high-tech tools, such as computers. Others are much simpler, like a "reacher" - a tool that helps you grab an object you can't reach.

Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) A tool that helps a person with a disability to do a certain task. Examples are a cane, wheelchair, scooter, walker, hearing aid, or special bed.
Definition (MSH) Devices, not affixed to the body, designed to help persons having musculoskeletal or neuromuscular disabilities to perform activities involving movement.
Concepts Medical Device (T074)
MSH D012656
SnomedCT 360296002
English Device, Self-Help, Devices, Self-Help, Self Help Devices, Self-Help Device, Self-Help Devices, Assistive Devices, Device, Assistive, Devices, Assistive, Assistive Technologies, Assistive Technology, Technologies, Assistive, Technology, Assistive, assistive devices, self-help devices, assistive equipment, assistive technologies, Assistive Device, Assistive technology, assistive device, assistive technology, Assistive equipment (physical object), Assistive equipment
Swedish Handikapphjälpmedel
Czech pomůcky pro sebeobsluhu
Finnish Itsehoitovälineet
Japanese 自助具
French Technologie d'assistance au mouvement, Dispositifs d'assistance au mouvement, Dispositifs d'auto-assistance au mouvement, Dispositifs d'assistance motrice, Technologie d'assistance motrice, Technologie d'assistance pour le handicap moteur
Polish Sprzęt pomocy osobistej, Sprzęt inwalidzki
Norwegian Hjelpemidler
Spanish Tecnología Asistiva, Dispositivos Asistivos, equipo de asistencia (objeto físico), equipo de asistencia, Dispositivos de Autoayuda
Portuguese Tecnologia Assistiva, Dispositivos Assistivos, Equipamentos de Autoajuda, Dispositivos de Autoajuda, Equipamentos Assistivos
German Assistierende Technologie (für Behinderte), Hilfsgeräte (für Behinderte), Selbsthilfegeräte
Italian Dispositivi per auto-medicazione
Dutch Technologie, ondersteunende (voor gehandicapten), Voorziening, zelfhulp-, Voorzieningen, ondersteunende, Zelfhulpvoorziening, Zelfhulpvoorzieningen