II. Indications: Suspected Cervical Disc Herniation

  1. Persistent symptoms despite 2 weeks rest
  2. Neurologic deficit

III. Views

  1. Anteroposterior C-Spine XRay
  2. Lateral C-Spine XRay
  3. Oblique C-Spine XRay (shows foramen)

IV. Findings: Disc Herniation

  1. Chronic disc degenerative disease
    1. Decreased disc space height
    2. Osteophytes Anteriorly and Posteriorly
      1. Encroachment of Osteophytes on foramen
  2. Acute disc disease
    1. Xray usually normal in acute soft disc rupture

V. Precautions

  1. Asymptomatic adults have abnormal XRAYs in 35% of cases
  2. Good history and examination is diagnostic cornerstone

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