III. Efficacy

  1. Low yield test in back disorders

IV. Views: Standard (Includes lower thoracic Vertebrae to Sacrum)

  1. Anterior-Posterior (AP) L-S Spine
    1. Vertical alignment of spinous processes
      1. Rotational injury (unilateral facet dislocation)
      2. Scoliosis
    2. Intervertebral disc space uniformity
    3. Includes Pelvis
      1. Acetabulum and femoral heads
      2. Pelvis degenerative changes
  2. Lateral L-S Spine
    1. Vertebral body
    2. Facet joint
    3. Lordotic curvature of L-S Spine
    4. Intervertebral foramen
    5. Intervertebral disc space height shortening
      1. Lumbosacral disc disease (degenerative)
      2. Spinal Osteomyelitis
    6. Spondylolisthesis (anterior slippage of L5 on S1)

V. Views: Specific (typically low yield)

  1. Oblique L-S Spine (tube angled at 45 degrees)
    1. Neural foramina narrowing
    2. Pars Interarticularis Defect
    3. Spinal Tumor
    4. Facet hypertrophy
    5. Spondylosis
    6. Spondylolysis
    7. Spondylolisthesis
  2. Flexion and extension views
    1. Used to assess ligamentous and bony injury
    2. Contraindications
      1. Other XRay abnormalities are present
      2. Decreased Level of Consciousness

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Ontology: Diagnostic radiography of lumbar spine (C0203170)

Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060)
SnomedCT 145770005, 145764004, 168570001, 90805008
English Lumbar spine X-ray, Lumbar spine X-ray (procedure), x-ray lumbar spine (procedure), x-ray lumbar spine, Diagnostic radiography of lumbar spine, Diagnostic radiography of lumbar spine (procedure), X-ray of lumbar spine, X-ray of the lumbar spine, X-ray;spine;lumbar
Dutch röntgenfoto van lumbale wervelkolom
French Radiographie de la colonne lombaire
German Roentgen der LWS
Italian Radiografia vertebro-lombare
Portuguese Radiografia da espinha lombar
Spanish Radiografía de columna lumbar, radiografía diagnóstica de la columna lumbar (procedimiento), radiografía diagnóstica de la columna lumbar
Japanese 腰椎X線, ヨウツイXセン
Czech Rentgen bederní páteře
Hungarian Lumbalis gerinc röntgen