II. History

  1. Le Fort was a French surgeon studying cadaver skulls he Traumatized in the late 1800s to early 1900s

III. Types

  1. Le Fort Fracture Type 1
    1. Horizontal Fracture between the teeth and the Palate
  2. Le Fort Fracture Type 2
    1. Pyramidal Fracture from the the mid-Maxillary Sinus to the nasal bridge
  3. Le Fort Fracture Type 3
    1. Vertical Fracture through the Maxillary Sinus lateral aspect and horizontal through the orbits

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Ontology: Maxillary Fractures (C0024953)

Definition (MSH) Fractures of the upper jaw.
Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
MSH D008440
SnomedCT 157179009, 263156006
English Fractures, Maxillary, Maxillary Fracture, Maxillary Fractures, Fracture, Maxillary, Fractured maxilla, Maxillary Fractures [Disease/Finding], fracture maxillary, maxillary fractures, fractures maxilla, maxilla fracture, maxillary fracture, fracture maxilla, fractured maxilla, fracture of maxilla (diagnosis), Maxillary fracture, Maxilla--Fractures, Fracture of maxilla, Fracture of upper jaw, Fracture of maxilla (disorder), fracture; jaw, upper jaw, fracture; maxilla, jaw; fracture, upper jaw, maxilla; fracture
Dutch gebroken maxilla, fractuur; kaak, bovenkaak, fractuur; maxilla, kaak; fractuur, bovenkaak, maxilla; fractuur, Fracturen, maxilla-, Fractuur, maxilla-, Maxillafracturen, Maxillafractuur
French Maxillaire fracturé, Fractures du maxillaire supérieur, Fractures du maxillaire
German gebrochener Oberkiefer, Frakturen, Oberkiefer-, Oberkieferfrakturen
Italian Osso mascellare fratturato, Fratture della mascella
Portuguese Maxila fracturada, Fraturas Maxilares
Spanish Maxilar fracturado, fractura de maxilar superior (trastorno), fractura de maxilar superior, Fracturas Maxilares
Japanese 上顎骨折, ジョウガクコッセツ
Swedish Överkäksfrakturer
Czech maxila - fraktury, Zlomená maxila
Finnish Yläleukaluun murtumat
Polish Złamania szczęki górnej, Złamania szczęki
Hungarian Maxilla-törés
Norwegian Overkjevebrudd, Maksillebrudd, Overkjevefrakturer, Maksillefrakturer

Ontology: Maxillofacial Injuries (C0024961)

Definition (MSH) General or unspecified injuries involving the face and jaw (either upper, lower, or both).
Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
MSH D008446
English Injuries, Maxillofacial, Injury, Maxillofacial, Maxillofacial Injuries, Maxillofacial Injury, MAXILLOFACIAL INJ, INJ MAXILLOFACIAL, Maxillofacial Injuries [Disease/Finding], injury maxillofacial, injuries maxillofacial, maxillofacial injuries, maxillofacial injury
Swedish Ansikts- och käkskador
Czech maxilofaciální poranění
Finnish Yläleuan ja kasvojen vammat
French Lésions traumatiques maxillofaciales, Blessures maxillofaciales, Blessures maxillo-faciales, Traumatisme maxillofacial, Traumatisme maxillo-facial, Traumatismes maxillo-faciaux, Traumatismes maxillofaciaux
Polish Urazy twarzy i szczęk, Urazy twarzoczaszki, Urazy twarzowo-szczękowe
Japanese 顎顔面外傷, 外傷-顎顔面, 上顎顔面損傷, 顎顔面損傷
Norwegian Kjeve- og ansiktsskader, Maxillofaciale skader
Spanish Lesiones Maxilofaciales, Traumatismos Maxilofaciales
Portuguese Lesões Maxilofaciais, Traumatismos Maxilofaciais
German Maxillofaziale Verletzungen
Italian Lesioni maxillofacciali
Dutch Letsel, maxillofaciaal, Letsels, maxillofaciale, Maxillofaciaal letsel, Maxillofaciale letsels

Ontology: Le Fort's fracture (C0272464)

Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
ICD10 S02.41
SnomedCT 48407005
English Le Fort's fracture, NOS, Le Fort fracture, LeFort fracture (diagnosis), skull fracture malar / maxillary / upper jaw lefort, LeFort fracture, Le Fort's fracture, Le Fort's fracture (disorder), fracture; Le Fort
Dutch fractuur; Le Fort
Spanish fractura de Le Fort (trastorno), fractura de Le Fort