II. Indications

  1. Most useful and acceptable of all topical bases
  2. Treats both wet and dry lesions (Eczematous Dermatitis)
  3. Exudative inflammatory lesions
  4. Intertriginous areas (where Topical Ointments cannot be used)

III. Protocol

  1. Tell patients to rub in well

IV. Advantages

  1. Good lubricating agent
  2. Not easily seen after application (results in higher compliance rates)

V. Disadvantages

  1. Risk of Contact Dermatitis due to preservatives
  2. Less Occlusion effect than with Topical Ointments, hence lower potency

VI. Adverse effects

  1. Contact Dermatitis (e.g. stinging or irritation) due to preservatives

VII. Pharmacology

  1. Water mixture suspended in oil
  2. Mid-potency medication delivery vehicle
    1. More potent than Topical Lotions
    2. Less potent than Topical Ointments

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