II. Indications

  1. Nodular Scabies
  2. Second-line alternative to other agents (e.g. Permethrin)

III. Medications

  1. Cream: 10%
  2. Lotion: 10%

IV. Dosing

  1. Apply by massaging cream or lotion over enitire body (from chin to toes, special attention to nail edges)
  2. Reapply after 24 hours
  3. Wash after 48 hours
  4. May repeat up to 2 to 3 cycles

V. Safety

  1. Pregnancy Category C (but considered safe)
  2. Considered safe in Lactation
  3. Appears safe in infants

VI. Efficacy

  1. Efficacy: 50-70% in Scabies

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