II. Epidemiology

  1. Age: 60 years is mean age of diagnosis
  2. Gender predominance: Female (by ratio to 3:1)

III. Risk Factors

IV. Symptoms

  1. Symptoms are typically present for 4 -6 months at presentation
    1. Diagnosis is often delayed as much as 18 months
  2. Post-prandial Abdominal Pain
    1. Crampy Abdominal Pain
    2. Pain is poorly localized
  3. Weight loss of 15-25 pounds

V. Signs

  1. Abdominal bruit (60-90%)
  2. Fecal Occult Blood Testing (10%)

VI. Imaging: Diagnosis

  1. Angiography (gold standard)
  2. MRA Abdomen
  3. Ultrasound duplex

VII. Management

  1. Vascular Surgery
  2. Endovascular procedures

VIII. References

  1. Fraboni (2012) Board Review Express, San Jose

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Ontology: Chronic mesenteric ischemia (C0311262)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 557.1
SnomedCT 111354009, 197008005, 241154007, 197005008, 266448009
English Chro intest vasc insuff, Chronic GIT vasc.insuffic.NOS, Chronic intestinal vascular insufficiency NOS, CMI - Chron mesenteric ischaem, Chr vasc insuff intest, chronic mesenteric ischemia, chronic intestinal ischemia, CMI - Chronic mesenteric ischemia, Chronic intestinal vascular insufficiency NOS (disorder), Chronic mesenteric ischaemia (disorder), CMI - Chronic mesenteric ischaemia, Chronic vascular insufficiency of intestine, Chronic intestinal ischaemia, Chronic intestinal ischemia, Chronic intestinal vascular insufficiency, Chronic mesenteric ischaemia, Chronic intestinal ischaemic syndrome, Chronic intestinal ischemic syndrome, Chronic vascular insufficiency of intestine (disorder), Chronic mesenteric ischemia, ischemia; bowel, chronic, Chronic intestinal ischemic syndrome, NOS, Chronic vascular insufficiency of intestine, NOS, Chronic intestinal ischaemic syndrome, NOS, Chronic mesenteric ischaemia [Ambiguous]
Dutch chronische vasculaire insufficiëntie van de ingewanden, ischemie; darm, chronisch
French Insuffisance intestinale chronique vasculaire
German chronische vaskulaere Insuffizienz des Darms
Portuguese Insuficiência vascular crónica do intestino
Spanish Insuficiencia vascular crónica del intestino, isquemia mesentérica crónica, insuficiencia vascular intestinal crónica, SAI (trastorno), insuficiencia vascular intestinal crónica, SAI, insuficiencia vascular crónica del intestino (trastorno), insuficiencia vascular crónica del intestino, síndrome de isquemia intestinal crónica
Japanese 慢性腸血行不全, マンセイチョウケッコウフゼン
Italian Insufficienza vascolare cronica dell'intestino
Czech Chronická cévní nedostatečnost střeva
Hungarian Bél chronikus vascularis elégtelensége

Ontology: Abdominal angina (C1280008)

Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
SnomedCT 197005008, 240342007, 24988007, 241154007
English Abdominal Angina, intestinal angina, abdominal angina, angina abdominal, angina intestinal, Angina - abdominal, Intestinal angina (disorder), Abdominal angina, Intestinal angina, Abdominal angina (disorder)
Italian Angina intestinale
Japanese 腸管アンギナ, チョウカンアンギナ
Czech Abdominální angina
Hungarian Intestinalis angina
Spanish angina intestinal, angina intestinal (trastorno), angina abdominal (trastorno), angina abdominal, Angina intestinal
Portuguese Angina intestinal
Dutch intestinale angina
French Angor intestinal
German Angina intestinalis