II. Pathophysiology

  1. Flavivirus transmitted by Aedes aegypti Mosquito

III. Epidemiology

  1. Endemic region (urban areas and jungles)
    1. Sub-Saharan Africa
    2. Amazon basin of South America

IV. Prevention

  1. Yellow Fever Vaccine
    1. Indicated for travel to endemic region
    2. Required for entry into some countries
  2. See Prevention of Vector-borne Infection

V. Prognosis

  1. Mortality: 50%

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Ontology: Yellow Fever (C0043395)

Definition (CHV) A tropical disease transmitted by mosquito bites
Definition (MSH) An acute infectious disease primarily of the tropics, caused by a virus and transmitted to man by mosquitoes of the genera Aedes and Haemagogus. The severe form is characterized by fever, HEMOLYTIC JAUNDICE, and renal damage.
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) A disease caused by infection with the yellow fever virus, which is carried by mosquitos. Symptoms include body aches, chills, fever, severe headache, weakness, and a yellow skin color. Bleeding, vomiting, and failure of the liver and other organs may occur in late stages of the disease.
Definition (NCI) A viral infection caused by a flavivirus called yellow fever virus. It is transmitted to humans from infected mosquitoes. The signs and symptoms range from a mild febrile illness to liver damage with jaundice and hemorrhages.
Definition (CSP) acute infectious disease primarily of the tropics, caused by a flavivirus and transmitted to humans by mosquito vectors.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D015004
ICD9 060.9, 060
ICD10 A95 , A95.9
SnomedCT 154345006, 266194002, 186587002, 187411002, 16541001
LNC LA10520-7
English Fevers, Yellow, Yellow Fevers, Fever, Yellow, Yellow fever unspecified, Yellow fever, unspecified, [X]Yellow fever, unspecified, yellow fever (diagnosis), yellow fever, Yellow fever virus infection, Unspecified yellow fever, Yellow fever NOS, Yellow Fever [Disease/Finding], Yellow fever unspecified (disorder), [X]Yellow fever, unspecified (disorder), Yellow fever, YF - Yellow fever, Yellow fever (disorder), febris; flava, flava; febris, Yellow fever, NOS, Yellow Fever Virus Infection, Yellow Fever
Dutch gele-koorts-virusinfectie, niet-gespecificeerde gele koorts, gele koorts, niet-gespecificeerd, febris; flava, flava; febris, Gele koorts, niet gespecificeerd, gele koorts, Gele koorts, Koorts, gele
French Fièvre jaune, non précisée, Fièvre jaune non précisée, Infection par le virus de la fièvre jaune, Amarillose, Fièvre jaune, Typhus amaril
German Gelbfieber, unspezifisch, Gelbfieber-Virusinfektion, unspezifisches Gelbfieber, Gelbfieber, nicht naeher bezeichnet, Gelbfieber
Italian Febbre gialla, non specificata, Infezione da virus della febbre gialla, Febbre gialla non specificata, Febbre gialla
Portuguese Febre-amarela NE, Infecção por vírus da febre-amarela, Febre amarela, Febre Amarela
Spanish Fiebre amarilla no especificada, Infección por el virus de la fiebre amarilla, fiebre amarilla no especificada, [X]fiebre amarilla, no especificada, [X]fiebre amarilla, no especificada (trastorno), fiebre amarilla no especificada (trastorno), fiebre amarilla (trastorno), fiebre amarilla, Fiebre amarilla, Fiebre Amarilla
Japanese 黄熱、詳細不明, 黄熱ウイルス感染症, 黄熱, 詳細不明の黄熱, ショウサイフメイノオウネツ, オウネツショウサイフメイ, オウネツウイルスカンセンショウ, オウネツ
Swedish Gula febern
Czech žlutá zimnice, Žlutá zimnice, Žlutá zimnice, blíže neurčená, Blíže neurčená žlutá zimnice, Infekce virem žluté zimnice
Finnish Keltakuume
Korean 상세불명의 황열, 황열
Polish Gorączka żółta, Febra żółta, Żółta febra, Żółta gorączka
Hungarian Sárga láz vírus fertőzés, Sárgaláz, nem meghatározott, nem meghatározott sárgaláz, sárgaláz
Norwegian Gulfeber, Gul feber, Febris flava