II. Pathophysiology

  1. Double-stranded DNA Virus
  2. Nucleocapsid: 100 nm
  3. Capsomers: 162
  4. Molecular Weight: 100 million daltons

III. Types: Alphaherpesvirinae

IV. Types: Gammaherpesvirinae

  1. Human Herpes Virus 4: Epstein Barr Virus (Mononucleosis)
  2. Human Herpes Virus 8: Kaposi Sarcoma Associated Herpesvirus

V. Types: Betaherpesvirinae

  1. Human Herpes Virus 5: Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
  2. Human Herpes Virus 6: Roseola Infantum (Exanthem Subitum)
  3. Human Herpes Virus 7

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Ontology: Herpesviridae (C0019369)

Definition (NCI) A heterogeneous family of morphologically similar viruses, all of which contain double-stranded DNA and which infect man and a wide variety of other vertebrates. Infections produce type A inclusion bodies; in many instances, infection may remain latent for many years, even in the presence of specific circulating antibodies. Virions are enveloped, ether-sensitive, and vary up to 200 nm in diameter; the nucleocapsids are 100 nm in diameter and of icosahedral symmetry, with 162 capsomeres. The family includes herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus, EB virus (all of which infect humans) and many others.
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) A member of the herpes family of viruses.
Definition (MSH) A family of enveloped, linear, double-stranded DNA viruses infecting a wide variety of animals. Subfamilies, based on biological characteristics, include: ALPHAHERPESVIRINAE; BETAHERPESVIRINAE; and GAMMAHERPESVIRINAE.
Definition (CSP) family of enveloped DNA viruses; occur in man, cold-blooded vertebrates, and invertebrates; some may induce neoplasia; transmission is usually by contact but it can occur by other routes.
Concepts Virus (T005)
MSH D006564
SnomedCT 128377001
English Herpesviruses, herpesviruses, herpesviridae, herpetoviridae, herpes virus group, Herpesvirus group, herpesvirus, Family: Herpes virus group, Herpetoviridae, Herpes group virus, Herpes virus group, Family Herpesviridae (organism), Family Herpesviridae, Herpesviridae (organism), Herpesvirus, Herpes Virus, Virus-Herpes, Herpesviridae
Swedish Herpesviridae
Czech Herpesviridae
Spanish Herpesviridae, familia: grupo del virus del herpes, Herpesviridae (organismo), familia Herpesviridae (organismo), familia Herpesviridae
Finnish Herpesvirukset
Japanese マウス胸腺ウイルス, 疱疹ウイルス科, 疱疹ウイルス, ヘルペスウイルス, 胸腺グループウイルス, ヘルペスウイルス科
Italian Herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
French Herpèsvirus, Virus herpétiques, Herpesviridae
Polish Herpeswirusy
Norwegian Not Translated[Herpesviridae]
German Herpesviren, Herpesviridae
Dutch Herpesviridae, Herpesvirussen
Portuguese Herpesviridae

Ontology: Herpesviridae Infections (C0019372)

Definition (MSHFRE) Maladies virales dues aux HERPESVIRIDAE.
Definition (MSH) Virus diseases caused by the HERPESVIRIDAE.
Definition (CSP) infection by a member of the Herpesviridae family, a family of enveloped, linear, double-stranded DNA viruses; occurs in a wide variety of animals.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D006566
SnomedCT 23513009
English Herpesvirus Infections, Infection, Herpesvirus, Infections, Herpesvirus, Herpesviridae disease, Infections, Herpesviridae, Herpesviridae Infections, Herpesviridae Infection, Infection, Herpesviridae, Herpesvirus Infection, HERPESVIRIDAE INFECT, INFECT HERPESVIRUS, HERPESVIRUS INFECT, INFECT HERPESVIRIDAE, Herpes viral infection NOS, Herpes viral infections, Herpesviridae Infections [Disease/Finding], herpes viral infection, herpes infections, viral infection herpes, infection herpes, herpes infection, herpes virus infection, disease herpes virus, diseases herpes virus, herpes virus disease, herpesviridae infection, Herpes infections, Herpes virus infection, Herpesvirus infection, Herpes infection, Herpesvirus infection (disorder), Herpes infection, NOS, Herpesvirus infection, NOS
Italian Infezione da herpes virus, Infezioni da herpes virus, Infezione da Herpes virus, NAS, Infezione erpetica, Infezioni da Herpesvirus, Infezioni da Herpesviridae
Dutch herpesinfectie, herpesvirusinfectie NAO, herpesvirusinfecties, herpesvirusinfectie, Herpesviridae-infectie, Herpesviridae-infecties, Herpesvirusinfectie, Infectie, herpesviridae-, Infecties, herpesviridae-
French Infection herpétique SAI, Infection à Herpès, Infection à herpèsvirus, Infections à virus Herpes, Infections à Herpesviridae, Infections à herpesviridés, Infections à herpès virus, Infections à herpèsvirus
German Herpes-Infektion, Herpesvirus-Infektion NNB, Herpesvirus-Infektionen, Herpesvirus-Infektion, Herpesviridaeinfektionen, Herpesvirusinfektionen
Portuguese Infecção herpética, Infecção a herpesvírus NE, Infecção pelo vírus do herpes, Infecções a herpesvírus, Infecções por Herpesviridae, Infecções por Herpesvirus
Spanish Infección por herpes, Infección por virus herpes NEOM, infección herpética, infección por Herpesvirus (trastorno), infección por Herpesvirus, Infecciones por el virus herpes, Infección por virus herpes, Infecciones por Herpesviridae, Infecciones por Herpesvirus
Japanese ヘルペス感染, ヘルペスウイルス感染NOS, ヘルペスウイルス感染, ヘルペスウイルスカンセン, ヘルペスウイルスカンセンNOS, ヘルペスカンセン, ヘルペスウイルス科感染症, ヘルペス, ヘルペスウイルス感染症, 疱疹
Swedish Herpesviridaeinfektioner
Czech Herpesvirus - infekce, Herpetická virová infekce NOS, Herpetická infekce, Infekce způsobená herpetickými viry, Herpetické virové infekce, herpetické infekce, Herpesviridae - infekce
Finnish Herpesvirusinfektiot
Polish Zakażenie herpeswirusami, Zakażenia herpeswirusami, Infekcja herpeswirusami, Zakażenie herpeswirusowe, Infekcja herpeswirusowa, Infekcje herpeswirusami
Hungarian Herpes fertőzés, herpesvirus fertőzés, herpesvirus fertőzés k.m.n., Herpes vírusos fertőzések
Norwegian Herpesviridae-infeksjoner, Herpesvirus-infeksjoner

Ontology: Alphaherpesvirinae (C0206557)

Definition (CSP) a subfamily of Herpesviridae; replicate rapidly and latent infection is often demonstrable in nerve ganglia.
Definition (MSH) A subfamily of HERPESVIRIDAE characterized by a short replication cycle. The genera include: SIMPLEXVIRUS; VARICELLOVIRUS; MAREK'S DISEASE-LIKE VIRUSES; and ILTOVIRUS.
Concepts Virus (T005)
MSH D018138
SnomedCT 243574000, 407431002, 48832003
English Subfamily: Herpes simplex grp, Subfamily: Herpes simplex virus group, Herpes simplex group virus, Alphaherpesvirinae, Subfamily alphaherpesvirinae, Subfamily Alphaherpesvirinae (organism), Subfamily Alphaherpesvirinae, Subfamily alphaherpesvirinae, NOS
Swedish Alphaherpesvirinae
Czech Alphaherpesvirinae
Finnish Alphaherpesvirinae
Croatian Not Translated[Alphaherpesvirinae]
Polish Alphaherpesvirinae
Spanish subfamilia: alphaherpesvirinae, subfamilia: virus del grupo herpes simplex, subfamilia alfaherpesvirinae, subfamilia Alphaherpesvirinae (organismo), subfamilia Alphaherpesvirinae, Alfaherpesvirinae
Norwegian Alfa-herpesvirinae
French Alphaherpesvirinae
German Alphaherpesvirinae
Italian Alphaherpesvirinae
Dutch Alphaherpesvirinae, Virinae, Alphaherpes-
Portuguese Alphaherpesvirinae

Ontology: Betaherpesvirinae (C0206560)

Definition (CSP) highly species-specific group; have an affinity for salivary glands or kidneys; inclusion bodies are found in the nuclei and cytoplasm late in infection.
Definition (MSH) A subfamily of HERPESVIRIDAE characterized by a relatively long replication cycle. Genera include: CYTOMEGALOVIRUS; MUROMEGALOVIRUS; and ROSEOLOVIRUS.
Concepts Virus (T005)
MSH D018141
SnomedCT 243577007, 106550007, 243578002, 407443001, 16609001
English Betaherpesvirinae, Subfamily: Cytomegalovirus group, Subfamily: Cytomegalovirus grp, Betaherpesvirus group (organism), Betaherpesvirus group, Subfamily betaherpesvirinae, Subfamily Betaherpesvirinae (organism), Subfamily Betaherpesvirinae, Subfamily betaherpesvirinae, NOS
Swedish Betaherpesvirinae
Czech Betaherpesvirinae
Finnish Beetaherpesvirukset
Croatian Not Translated[Betaherpesvirinae]
Polish Betaherpesvirinae
Spanish grupo de virus del herpes beta, grupo de virus del herpes beta (organismo), subfamilia: grupo Cytomegalovirus, subfamilia betaherpesvirinae, subfamilia Betaherpesvirinae (organismo), subfamilia Betaherpesvirinae, Betaherpesvirinae
Norwegian Beta-herpesvirinae
French Betaherpesvirinae
German Betaherpesvirinae
Italian Betaherpesvirinae
Dutch Betaherpesvirinae, Virinae, Betaherpes-
Portuguese Betaherpesvirinae

Ontology: Gammaherpesvirinae (C0206561)

Definition (MSH) A subfamily of HERPESVIRIDAE characterized by variable reproductive cycles. The genera include: LYMPHOCRYPTOVIRUS and RHADINOVIRUS.
Definition (CSP) subfamily of Herpesviridae; viruses are specific for either B- or T-lymphocytes; latent infection is frequently demonstrated in lymphoid tissue.
Concepts Virus (T005)
MSH D018142
SnomedCT 62255008, 243581007
English Lymphoproliferative Viruses, Gammaherpesvirinae, Lymphoproliferative Virus, Virus, Lymphoproliferative, Viruses, Lymphoproliferative, LPD - Lymphoprolif dis virus, Subfam: Lymphoprolif virus grp, Lymphoproliferative grp virus, lymphoproliferative virus group, Subfamily gammaherpesvirinae, Lymphoproliferative group virus (organism), LPD - Lymphoproliferative disease virus, Subfamily: Lymphoproliferative virus group, Lymphoproliferative group virus, Lymphoproliferative virus group, Subfamily Gammaherpesvirinae (organism), Subfamily Gammaherpesvirinae, Lymphoproliferative virus group, NOS, Lymphoproliferative group virus [Ambiguous], Subfamily gammaherpesvirinae (organism)
French Virus lymphoprolifératifs, Gammaherpesvirinae
Swedish Gammaherpesvirinae
Spanish subfamilia gammaherpesvirinae, grupo de virus linfoproliferativos, subfamilia gammaherpesvirinae (organismo), subfamilia Gammaherpesvirinae (organismo), subfamilia Gammaherpesvirinae, Gammaherpesvirinae, Virus Linfoproliferativos
Czech lymfoproliferativní viry, Gammaherpesvirinae
Finnish Gammaherpesvirukset
Japanese ガンマヘルペスウイルス亜科, リンパ増殖性ウイルス
Italian Virus linfoproliferativi, Gammaherpesvirinae
Croatian Not Translated[Gammaherpesvirinae]
Polish Gammaherpesvirinae, Wirusy limfoproliferacyjne
Norwegian Lymfoproliferative virus, Gamma-herpesvirinae
German Gammaherpesvirinae, Lymphoproliferative Viren
Dutch Gammaherpesvirinae, Lymfocyten-geassocieerd virus, Lymfoproliferatief virus, Lymfoproliferatieve virussen, Virinae, Gammaherpes-
Portuguese Gammaherpesvirinae, Vírus Linfoproliferativos

Ontology: alphaherpesvirus (C0682451)

Concepts Virus (T005)
English alphaherpesvirus

Ontology: betaherpesvirus (C0682454)

Concepts Virus (T005)
English betaherpesvirus