II. Technique: Finger Insertion

  1. Lubricate gloved index finger
  2. Patient bears down as if straining at stool
  3. Gently insert finger after sphincter relaxes

III. Technique: Evaluation

  1. Assessment of 360 degree sweep of Rectum
    1. Anal sphincter tone
    2. Tenderness
    3. Nodularity or masses
  2. Assessment of anterior Prostate surface (males)
    1. Evaluate lateral lobes of Prostate
      1. Normal Prostate is Rubbery, non-tender
      2. Assess for nodularity (Prostate Cancer)
    2. Evaluate median sulcus
      1. Absent sulcus suggests Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy

IV. Technique: Completing Examination

  1. Observe for grossly bloody stool
  2. Test for Stool Occult Blood

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