II. Indication: Seasonal Affective Disorder

  1. No severe Suicidal Ideation
  2. Medical reasons to avoid Antidepressants
  3. History of favorable response to prior Light Therapy
  4. No history of adverse reactions to Light Therapy

III. Equipment

  1. Light Therapy with Full Spectrum Light (10000 lux)
    1. White fluorescent light
    2. Should not include Ultraviolet wavelengths (or have a diffuser screen to limit UV exposure)
  2. Cost: $200 to $500 (Insurance may cover)
  3. Supplier Examples
    1. Apollo Light Systems: 800-545-9667
    2. Hughes Lighting Technologies: 973-663-1214
    3. Northern Light Technologies: 800-263-0066
    4. SunBox Company: 800-548-3968

IV. Technique

  1. Duration
    1. Start with 10-15 minute exposure per morning
    2. Increase exposure to 30 to 45 minutes per morning
    3. Maximum exposure: 10000 lux at 90 minutes per morning
  2. Technique
    1. Keep eyes open during the session
    2. Look periodically at light during each session
  3. Timing
    1. Light exposure in early morning
      1. Synchronizes with circadian rhythm
      2. Terman (2001) Arch Gen Psychiatry 58:69-75 [PubMed]
  4. Protocols frome studies
    1. Exposure to 2500 lux for 2 hours per day or
    2. Exposure to 10,000 lux for 30 minutes per day

V. Adverse Effects

  1. Photophobia
  2. Headache
  3. Fatigue
  4. Irritability
  5. Hypomania
  6. Insomnia (avoid therapy too late in day)

VI. Precautions

  1. Obtain ophthalmology approval for those pre-existing Retinal Disease

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Ontology: Phototherapy (C0031765)

Definition (NCI) The treatment of a disorder by exposure to light, including ultraviolet and infrared radiation. (Bartleby.com)
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) The treatment of disease with certain types of light. Phototherapy can use lasers, LED, fluorescent lamps, and ultraviolet or infrared radiation.
Definition (MSH) Treatment of disease by exposure to light, especially by variously concentrated light rays or specific wavelengths.
Definition (CSP) treatment of a disease by exposure to light, especially by variously concentrated light rays or specific wavelengths.
Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
MSH D010789
SnomedCT 182666000, 266696001, 363724006, 150903009, 150911004, 182672000, 266798006, 31394004
English Photoradiation Therapies, Photoradiation Therapy, Phototherapies, Phototherapy, Therapies, Photoradiation, Therapy, Photoradiation, Phototherapy/radiation therapy, Radiation/phototherapy NOS, PHOTORAD THER, PHOTOTHER, THER PHOTORAD, phototherapy, phototherapy (treatment), Actinotherapy, Mental Health @ None @ Light Therapy @ None @ None @ None @ None, Light Therapies, Light Therapy, Therapies, Light, Therapy, Light, phototherapies, photoradiation therapy, actinotherapy, light therapy, Phototherapy/radiation therapy (procedure), Phototherapy &/or radiation therapy (procedure), Phototherapy &/or radiation therapy, Radiation/phototherapy NOS (procedure), Light therapy, Light therapy (procedure), Phototherapy, NOS, Light
Dutch lichttherapie, fototherapie, Fotoradiatietherapie, Fototherapie, Lichttherapie, Therapie, foto-
Italian Fototerapie, Fotoradioterapia, Terapia della luce, Fototerapia
Spanish Fototerapias, radiación/fototerapia, SAI (procedimiento), radiación/fototerapia, SAI, Radiation/phototherapy NOS, fototerapia (procedimiento), fototerapia, Fototerapia, Terapia por Luz, Terapia por Fotorradiación
Japanese 光療法, ヒカリリョウホウ, コウセンリョウホウ, 光線療法
Swedish Ljusterapi
Czech fototerapie, Léčba světlem, Fototerapie, léčba světlem, léčení světlem, terapie světlem
Finnish Valohoito
French Traitement à la lumière, Traitement par la lumière, Photothérapies, Photothérapie
Polish Fototerapia, Światłolecznictwo, Leczenie światłem
Hungarian Phototherapia, Phototerápiák
Norwegian Lysterapi, Lysbehandling, Fototerapi
Portuguese Fototerapias, Fototerapia, Terapia por Fotorradiação, Terapia por Luz
German Phototherapien, Lichtstrahlentherapie, Lichttherapie, Phototherapie