II. Definitions

  1. Oliguria
    1. Decreased Urine Volume below 0.5 ml/kg/h in adults and <1 ml/kg/h in children
  2. Anuria
    1. Complete absence of Urine Output

III. History

  1. Expect infants to urinate at least three times daily at minimum
  2. Expect children and adults to urinate at least twice daily

IV. Exam: Normal Urine Output

  1. Adult: >0.5 ml/kg/h
  2. Child: >1 ml/kg/h
  3. Infant: >2 ml/kg/h

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Related Studies

Ontology: Anuria (C0003460)

Definition (MSH) Absence of urine formation. It is usually associated with complete bilateral ureteral (URETER) obstruction, complete lower urinary tract obstruction, or unilateral ureteral obstruction when a solitary kidney is present.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D001002
SnomedCT 207182009, 2472002, 139460001, 158479000
English Anurias, ANURIA, URINARY OUTPUT ARREST OF, URINE FORMATION FAILURE OF, [D]Anuria, [D]Anuria (context-dependent category), Absence of urine volume, Arrest of urinary output, Urinary output arrest of, Failure of urine formation, Urine formation failure of, Anuria [Disease/Finding], anurias, anuria, [D]Anuria (situation), Passes no urine, Anuria (finding), secretion; urinary, suppression, suppression; urinary secretion, urinary; secretion, suppression, Anuria, Suppression of urinary secretion
French ANURIE, Insuffisance de formation d'urine, Arrêt de sortie urinaire, Arrêt de l'émission urinaire, Echec de formation d'urine, ABSENCE DE FORMATION D'URINE, ARRET DE LA SECRETION URINAIRE, Anurie
Portuguese ANURIA, Insuficiência da formação de urina, Paragem do débito urinário, Paragem de débito urinário, AUSENCIA DE FORMACAO DE URINA, PARAGEM DA SECRECAO URINARIA, Anúria, Anuria
Spanish ANURIA, Detención de la formación de orina, Fallo de la formación de orina, Insuficiente formación de orina, Interrupción de la formación de orina, [D]anuria (categoría dependiente del contexto), ORINA, DEFICIT DE PRODUCCION, ORINA, PRODUCCION DETENIDA, [D]anuria, [D]anuria (situación), anuria (hallazgo), anuria, ausencia de excreción urinaria, ausencia de volumen urinario, Anuria
German ANURIE, stark verminderte Urinabsonderung, Urinabsonderung stark vermindert, keine Urinbildung, Urinbildung fehlend, HARNABGANG SISTIERT, URINBILDUNG VERSAGT, Anurie
Dutch staken urineproductie, falende urineproductie, urineproductie stop, urineproductie gestopt, secretie; urine, onderdrukking, suppressie; urine-uitscheiding, urine; secretie, onderdrukking, anurie, Anurie
Italian Deficit della produzione di urina, Arresto della diuresi, Insufficiente formazione di urina, Anuria
Japanese 排尿停止, 尿生成不全, 無尿, ニョウセイセイフゼン, ハイニョウテイシ, ムニョウ
Swedish Upphävd urinutsöndring
Czech anurie, Selhání tvorby moči, Anurie
Finnish Anuria
Croatian ANURIJA
Polish Bezmocz, Anuria
Hungarian Vizeletkibocsátás gátolt, anuria, vizeletképződés elmaradása, vizeletképződés leállása, Vizeletképződés elégtelensége
Norwegian Anuri

Ontology: Oliguria (C0028961)

Definition (NCI) A finding indicating that the urine production is less than 500 milliliters in a 24 hour period.
Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A finding based on test results that indicate urine production is less relative to previous output.
Definition (MSH) Decreased URINE output that is below the normal range. Oliguria can be defined as urine output of less than or equal to 0.5 or 1 ml/kg/hr depending on the age.
Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
MSH D009846
SnomedCT 207181002, 83128009, 139461002, 158478008
English Oligurias, OLIGURIA, URINE PRODUCTION SCANTY, URINE VOLUME DEFICIENT, [D]Oliguria, Oliguria, [D]Oliguria (context-dependent category), Decreased urine output, Decreased urine volume, oliguria (diagnosis), oliguria, urine volume has decreased (oliguria), decrease in volume of urine (symptom), decrease in volume of urine, Urine volume decreased, Volume urine decreased, Urinary volume deficient, Urine volume deficient, Urinary output diminished, Urinary production scanty, Urine production scanty, Urine Output Decreased, Oliguria [Disease/Finding], low urine output, decreased urine output, urine output decreased, decreased output urine, oligouria, decrease urination, [D]Oliguria (situation), Urine output decreased, Oligouria, Passes too little urine, Urine output low, Oliguria (finding)
French OLIGURIE, Volume urinaire insuffisant, Débit urinaire diminué, Production d'urine insuffisante, Volume urinaire diminué, Production d'urine faible, FAIBLESSE PRODUCTION URINAIRE, INSUFFISANCE DU VOLUME D'URINE, Volume d'urine diminué, Oligurie
Portuguese OLIGURIA, Volume de urina diminuído, Volume de urina deficiente, Produção escassa de urina, Débito urinário diminuído, PRODUCAO URINARIA ESCASSA, VOLUME URINARIO INSUFICIENTE, Débito da urina diminuído, Oligúria, Oliguria
Spanish OLIGURIA, Volumen urinario deficiente, Volumen de orina deficiente, Flujo urinario disminuido, Escasa producción de orina, Volumen de orina disminuido, Volumen urinario disminuido, [D]oliguria (categoría dependiente del contexto), ORINA, PRODUCCION ESCASA, ORINA, VOLUMEN INSUFICIENTE, Excreción urinaria disminuida, [D]oliguria (situación), [D]oliguria, menor excreción urinaria, oliguria (hallazgo), oliguria, volumen urinario disminuido, Oliguria
German OLIGURIE, Urinvolumen erniedrigt, Urinvolumen mangelhaft, Harnproduktion spaerlich, HARNMENGE VERMINDERT, URINMENGE VERMINDERT, Urinausscheidung vermindert, Oligurie
Italian Diuresi diminuita, Volume urinario insufficiente, Volume urinario diminuito, Volume urinario ridotto, Scarsa produzione di urina, Oliguria
Dutch verminderde urine output, afname van urinevolume, urineproductie gering, volumeafname, geringe urineproductie, urinevolume onvoldoende, onvoldoende urinevolume, oligurie, urine output verlaagd, Oligurie
Japanese 乏尿, 尿量減少, 尿生成不足, ニョウセイセイブソク, ボウニョウ, ニョウリョウゲンショウ
Swedish Oliguri
Czech oligurie, Oligurie, Objem moči nedostatečný, Diuréza nedostatečná, Objem moči snížený, Diuréza snížená, Výdej moči snížená
Finnish Oliguria
Polish Skąpomocz, Oliguria
Hungarian Vizelettermelés csökkent, oliguria, Vizelet térfogat lecsökkent, Elégtelen vizelettermelés, Vizelet térfogat csökkent, Vizeletmennyiség csökkent, Elégtelen húgytermelés, Vizelettérfogat csökkent
Norwegian Oliguri

Ontology: Urine volume function (C0232856)

Concepts Clinical Attribute (T201)
SnomedCT 130953005
English Urine volume, function, Urine volume, function (observable entity), Rate of urine output, function, Rate of urine output, function (observable entity), Urine volume, urinary output, urine volume, urine output, urinary volume, Urinary output, Urine volume (function), Urine volume function
Spanish velocidad de eliminación de orina, función (entidad observable), velocidad de eliminación de orina, función, volumen urinario (entidad observable), volumen urinario, volumen urinario (función)