II. Indication

  1. Evaluation of Testicular Torsion

III. Technique

  1. Examiner strokes or pinches medial thigh
  2. Stimulus usually causes cremasteric Muscle Contraction
  3. Observe for rise of the Testicle on same side (normal)

IV. Interpretation

  1. Normal: Cremasteric Reflex present (Testicle rises)
    1. Seen in Epididymitis
  2. Abnormal: Cremasteric Reflex absent (no Testicle rise)
    1. Suggests Testicular Torsion
    2. Also absent in 50% of boys under age 30 months
      1. Do not use this test under age 30 months

V. Efficacy

  1. Test Sensitivity for Testicular Torsion: 99%
    1. Assumes age over 30 months

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