II. Indication

  1. Incontinence Evaluation

III. Technique

  1. Have patient void
  2. Insert 16 French Foley Catheter
    1. Send Urine for Urinalysis and Urine Culture
  3. Check postvoid residual
    1. Further evaluation indicated if >200 cc residual
    2. Some use >100 cc residual urine as criteria
    3. Normally <50 cc residual urine
  4. Fill the Bladder (through the foley) with Normal Saline
    1. Stop when patient feels Bladder full or at 400-500 cc
    2. Evaluate intersititial cystitis for <250 cc tolerated
  5. Connect a syringe (without plunger) to foley
    1. Observe for signs of increasing meniscus on syringe
    2. Meniscus suggests detrussor instabiity and spasm
  6. Remove foley

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