II. Causes: Common Acute Causes of Scrotal Pain

III. Causes: Referred Scrotal Pain

  1. Renal Colic
  2. Acute Appendicitis (esp. retrocecal appendix)
  3. Diverticulitis
  4. Pancreatitis
  5. Lumbar Radiculopathy
    1. Ask about cauda equina symptoms if Lumbar Radiculopathy is suspected

IV. Causes: Uncommon Acute Causes of Scrotal Pain

  1. Testicular Cancer (5% of Testicular Pain cases)
  2. Familial mediterranean fever
  3. Henoch Schonlein Purpura
  4. Cysticercosis
  5. Local Hemorrhage
    1. Associated with Testicular Cancer
    2. Associated with testicular appendage
  6. Tick Bite or venomous bite
  7. Torsion of Spermatocele
  8. Torsion of Cavernous Lymphangioma

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