II. Conditions: Dermatitis

  1. Lichen Simplex Chronicus
    1. Reaction to chronic scratching
  2. Idiopathic scrotal calcinosis
    1. Cyst-like pale Nodules scattered over scrotal skin
  3. Angiokeratoma of Fordyce
    1. Small, 1-2 mm red, vascular Papules over Scrotum in older men
  4. Sebaceous Cysts

III. Conditions: Infection

  1. Fournier's Gangrene
    1. Polymicrobial scrotal infection resulting in necrosis

IV. Conditions: Malignant

  1. Basal Cell Carcinoma
    1. Scrotal ulcerated lesions
  2. Squamous Cell Carcinoma
    1. Papule or Plaque that enlarges and ulcerates in older men
    2. Associated with occupational exposures (Textile mills, metalworking) and PUVA therapy

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